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Which item did you grind or grow the longest?

It’s exciting to see an MMO doing such booming business. New World really blew up the barn doors when it first came out, and there are plenty of players involved in questing, exploring, crafting, and land wars (apart from the ones that are always left out). ).

With all of this comes a grind. Raise mobs, kill bosses, improve your skills and even run through various ponds and streams and have hours of fishing. Sometimes it’s done for the purpose of gaining XP, other times it’s for a hard-to-get achievement, but usually it’s to acquire a single piece of gear that you just can’t live without.

Which brings us to our question: Which item did you grind or grow the longest? In any game, what did you need to have and spent more time than you want to admit to get it? Our answers are below. Let us know yours in the comments!

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Jody Macgregor: I don’t know how much time I spent cultivating the bee in Borderlands 2, but it was quite a while. It’s an amp shield, a kind of force field that normally deals bonus damage at the expense of its own defensive ability. The Bee variant provides additional damage without draining, and the bonus multiplier applies to each projectile if you have a multi-hit weapon. No wonder it got nerfed in a patch, but even rebalanced it’s a steal. The point is, it’s a random drop, and the closest thing to a consistent way to find it is killing a guy named Hunter Hellquist, a radio DJ from a sidequest, who has like a three percent chance. to abandon it. I killed a bunch on my Ultimate Vault Hunter replay to get a bee, and it was worth it.

It’s not exactly farming or grinding, but I went through hell when I replayed Pathfinder: Kingmaker to get the heather. It is a magical sword crafted from the ability to love extracted from a nymph, a thorny cursed thing that you can only get by bringing a specific companion with you to a dungeon, giving the correct answers to one. bunch of moral dilemmas he poses along the way, then convince him to destroy another artifact you find just so someone else doesn’t use it to get the heather before you do. It’s not a particularly powerful item, but without it you can’t access Kingmaker’s Secret Ending, which I spent 126 hours doing because I have a problem.

Lauren Aitken: The Benevolent Leader trophy for Fallout 4. Took over 100 hours of playing and farting with settlement stuff, then I waited three hours for it to go from 99 to 100 happiness. Not worth it.

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Evan lahti: My biggest recent difficulty was hitting Covenant 25 in Monster Train, which apparently took 95 hours!

Covenant 25 basically means beating the Deckbuilder 25 times on increasing difficulty. Monster Train adds a few more rocks to your backpack with each rank of Covenant, in the form of additional boss health, merchant cost, higher damage, lower unit capacity … in the end you carry many burdens on the trail on your way to hell. Would definitely do it again: Monster Train was one of my favorites from 2020, and making my way to the end meant fun epiphanies on how to create more powerful combos.

Sarah James: I spent months trying to get the Sand Vial mount recipe in World of Warcraft. The mount transforms you into a Sandstone Drake and another player can ride on your back, and the minute I saw someone with it, I decided I needed to add it to my collection. After an obscene time spent completing archaeological dig sites across Azeroth – I had to upgrade the profession before I could start farming – I finally got the recipe. Next, I had to cultivate the materials needed to craft the mount. Best of all, I could have bought one at the auction house but I’m stubborn and wanted to be able to do it on my own.

Nathalie Clayton: Unfortunately mine was also a World of Warcraft month. It was years after the fact, but I’ve wanted a Drake Netherwing ever since they arrived in The Burning Crusade – and somewhere between Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, I decided to go ahead and go. obtain a. Being grossly outnumbered hasn’t stopped the fact that grinding Netherwing representatives is an absolute chore, the fastest method involving collecting unpredictable and barely available eggs on a small floating island. I spent maybe a month combing every inch of this island for eggs, and while the mount is beautiful, I’m still not sure it’s worth it.

It’s been years since I’ve been an active WoW subscriber, but I’m pretty sure I still have one of those eggs in my backpack. Just one yellow reminder to never waste my time grinding again.

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Robin Valentin: I spent god knows how long searching for each of these Blood Shard collectibles in Dragon Age Inquisition, and the worst part is what I finally got was so forgettable I had to go look for it later to remind me. Turns out it was a little boost to my electrical resistance. Sigh. And I got into the game so late that I bet I wasn’t even hit by electrical attacks between then and finishing it! There is a lesson somewhere, but from the way I continued to play games, I don’t think I learned it.

Tim Clark: Oh my God, where do I start? From my deathbed, I will absolutely think back to the endless nights I spent searching for a gun with a very slightly more optimal perk set in Destiny 2. Right now I log in every night with a little group of like-minded drug addicts were picked up by LFG in order to grind the Cube encounter from the Prophecy Dungeon. We’re all looking for The Last Breath autorifle with the Wrecking Perk in the second column from the left.

Before you fall asleep completely, let me tell you that Demolitionist normally only appears in the far right column. This makes this weapon very special. The Cube Encounter is a brilliantly designed piece that uses CQC and some light puzzles in a spinning cube arena. It was super fun on the first, oooh, maybe a dozen playthroughs. But after several weeks of buying gloves, handguns, and automatic rifles with the wrong perks (fuck you, Adrenaline Junkie) let me tell you, it’s absolutely numbing and I still can’t stop me. Only a combination of podcast and CBD edibles makes the farm bearable. Eventually, a sort of gallows humor sets in, but even that gives way to a yawning sense of hopelessness fueled by the sunk cost error. “Of course I’m not coming to bed now. I can’t give up, can I? Yes, it’s still the same cube.”

Wesley Fenton: Okay, this is an ability, not an item, but Final Fantasy 9’s Frog Drop blue magic spell might be the thing I spent the most time grinding in. a game. Frog Drop is an early spell for Quina, a member of your leader group who loves frogs, and as you would expect for an early spell, it does quite light damage. Her damage increases as Quina levels up, but the actual damage comes from a modifier based on how many frogs you catch in Quina’s Swamp. That’s right: a frog catching minigame lets you turn Frog Drop into a bestial spell with 9,999 damage on each hit. I remember wanting to maximize Frog Drop so that I could use Quina to take down FF9’s optional super boss, Ozma. If I remember correctly I faced Ozma around level 80 which meant I had to catch 125 frogs, with the fact that it takes a while for the frogs to respawn, grow from tadpoles and mate. to produce new frogs between the mini-games. Boy, was this a process.

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Phil Sauvage: My longest job, by far, has been for Bifrost, one of the legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2. These are the pinnacle of gear grinding, and although they offer no statistical advantage over weapons from Guild Wars 2. High level, also very grainy, they offer enough quality of life and cosmetic perks that they are nonetheless some of the most desirable items in the game. Each has a unique cosmetic effect, giving your character everything from custom imprints to single attacks. The theme of Bifrost is, unsurprisingly, rainbows.

In terms of what to do to get it: a bit of everything, really. You need a Precursor Weapon first, either from an extremely rare random drop, from the Trading Post, or – a more recently added option – from a ridiculously extensive production line. Then you need to collect resources for pretty much any activity, Dungeons, World vs. World, and PvP. There are also full stacks of the rarest trophy materials in the game. And you have to completely complete each card in the base game of the game. It is impossible to calculate the number of hours of crafting of Bifrost, as it depended on the progress that I had achieved since I started the game. It says a lot about the fact that I have been playing intermittently since the release and have only ever had one of these things.

Katie Wickens: I deplore the work, honestly, but my brother always tells me the story of his escapades as a lucrative lubricant producer on No Man’s Sky. “It’s the best way to make money,” he says. I never asked for details.


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