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What to do when your life can’t stand your 9-5 and you need to create an income

For decades, the majority of people have moved to and from a cabin, usually with long journeys to start. When the pandemic struck and everyone went into lockdown, it was an eye-opening experience for employees and employers. With some space away from their desks, more time with loved ones, and less time for commuting – most people found their 9-5 wasn’t even what they wanted for their life. .

We are now in the midst of the “Great Resignation,” a term coined by Anthony Klotz, organizational psychologist at Texas A&M University. People quit their jobs en masse for many reasons, but mostly because their lives just can’t run efficiently when they have to clock in and out of a job. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 74% of those polled said that the time spent at home, whether during downtime or working remotely, during the pandemic had caused them to rethink their current work situation.

So what do you do if you realize that your 9-5 just doesn’t align with the values ​​and goals you’ve set for yourself or your family? Mélodie Pourmoradi, founder of GiRLiFE and author of “Empowered Women Empower Girls“, knows what it means to create a business around your life, and not the other way around.

Pourmoradi has built a network of women entrepreneurs who create businesses that work around their lives, schedules and families, giving them licensed girl empowerment materials to run their own workshops and start their own businesses. Working with all of these women, she has seen entrepreneurship play an important role in regaining control over their time and creating the kind of impact these heart-centered women want in their professional lives.

If this sounds like you, Pourmoradi has three tips for building a business that fits your life, instead of adapting to your life during the off-peak hours of your 9-5.

1. Define how your business should fit into your life

One of the slippery slopes we can find ourselves on when starting a business is turning it into another job. Being chained to a store front or having to cook meals on the weekends – although that may be something you like – you could find yourself chained to a schedule that doesn’t suit you… again. “I’m a big fan of entrepreneurship, simply because it’s a more intentional way of designing your life while creating an income. However, you really need to understand how a business should behave in your life. Forget the business idea for a moment and really define how your business will fit into the lifestyle you want, ”explains Pourmoradi. “I have binoculars and they are very busy. I like to go to their concerts and travel with them. So when I created GiRLiFE, I knew it had to be an online business, which I could run with my laptop and phone. I wanted to be there for my daughters when I needed it so I also wanted to make sure my business didn’t have specific hours like a 9-5, it had to be asynchronous so I could define my job from time. Not only have I designed my business this way, but I designed the GiRLiFE certification program the same so that women who decide to start their own GiRLiFE business have the same control over their life, their schedule. and their income.

If you are a parent, you may want to work only when the kids are in school. Maybe you have a spouse in the military and you move out every six months, so you need to have a business that can work even if you’re not in a specific location for a long time. You might have always dreamed of owning a restaurant, but know that you want to be home for dinner every night, so you decide to open a brunch that closes at 2 p.m. every afternoon. Whatever the circumstances, do your best to determine how your business should fit into the lifestyle you want.

2. Find your Ikigai

The Japanese term Ikigai is meant to be the framework for finding your goal. There are four Ikigai principles and this is where they intersect that you might find a business idea that will truly satisfy you. “When I applied Ikigai to my life, I knew I wanted to work with women to help them start a business they care about. Plus, I’m so passionate about our daughters and their empowerment. This intersection was where I got to really guess what GiRLiFE could be. Giving women a ready-made business that they could bring to their own communities to empower the girls in their lives was very important to me and still motivates me today. This exercise is crucial to building a business that you are immensely passionate about. Once I understood how I needed my business to fit into the design of my life, I was able to apply it to the Ikigai framework and GiRLiFE was the result. ”

Now that you have defined how your business will need to behave in order to support the lifestyle you want, you can explore the four Ikigai Principles to help you decide what type of business is best for you and for you. “Create a list in each category and start playing with each one until you’ve reached an intersection with each one that turns you on,” suggests Poumoradi.

Here are the four principles of Ikigai:

  1. What you like
  2. What the world needs
  3. What you can get paid for
  4. What you’re good at

3. Define the resources you need to get there

Finally, create a list of the types of resources you will need to get started. It can be a laptop, office space, 3D printer, etc. Don’t forget to plan for financial resources as well. If you quit your job, you need to have a reserve of cash to help you get through the toughest months.

“Once you’ve done the exercise of figuring out how a business can fit into your life, as well as finding your goal through Ikigai, you might find that you don’t need much to start, ”suggests Pourmoradi. . “You might need a good podcast microphone, an online course, or a simple spreadsheet. You don’t need to break the bank to get started. Determine what you need to get started, then get started! “

The bottom line is that you can really earn an income doing something that you are passionate about, as Pourmoradi proves with her own business and the businesses she helps other women start. If you find that your job (or current business) just isn’t the lifestyle you want, try these steps to get back on track and build a life you love.