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Sukkot is both a historical and an agricultural festival. This is because it celebrates the 40-year period when the Jewish people wandered through the desert after leaving Egypt when God told Moses to build huts for the people with palm branches and branches. tree, and live there for seven days. Sukkot is also an agricultural festival because it is a harvest festival, where people celebrate the bounty of the Earth. This is why Sukkot is also known by some as the Feast of the Harvest.

Support the day of your local chamber of commerce

Volunteer for a Chamber of Commerce Event. Shout out at your local chamber of commerce and how they benefit your community. While you’re at it, be sure to use #SupportYourLocalChamberOfCommerce to post on social media.

The United States Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1912. President William Howard Taft first introduced the concept of an organization that would represent the concerns of American business in a speech to Congress in December 1911.

The United States Chamber of Commerce offers many programs nationally and internationally to support businesses. Whether it is raising awareness of regulations, implementing initiatives or campaigning for better markets, the Chamber supports the communities it serves. Plus, they provide exceptional resources for startups, online businesses, and anyone looking to advance their business prospects around the world.

International laziness day

International Laziness Day is held on October 20 every year. You don’t have to be in too much of a rush to celebrate these slow-moving mammals.

International Sloth Day was created by AIUNAU, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the protection of all forms of wild animals. AIUNAU members in Colombia have been working with sloths since 1996, as they were dismayed to discover how many sloths each year were killed by cars or power lines, and how many more were captured for use as pets. .

Once they save a sloth, they treat it, then release it back into the wild, where it belongs. International Sloth Day was established in November 2010 to help people learn a little more about these shy and silent creatures, known for their affection for one another and preventing them from disappearing altogether, as several species of sloths have already .

What is gluten?

Gluten-free foods are now more widely available than ever before, but unless they adhere to gluten-free diets, consumers may not know exactly what gluten is and why some people should avoid it. Gluten is the general name for proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and hybrid grain triticale, which is produced by crossing wheat and rye, according to the Celiac Foundation. Many foods and drinks, including bread, soups, beer, and cereals, contain gluten. However, the CDF notes that many foods are also naturally gluten-free. In addition, many naturally gluten-free foods are very nutritious. These foods include fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, dairy products, beans, legumes, and nuts. And while it may seem that those advised to avoid gluten should therefore remove grains and other starches from their diet, this is not the case. In fact, the CDF lists a number of naturally gluten-free grains and foods that contain starch on their website (www.cœ For example, rice, cassava, corn, soybeans, potatoes, quinoa, nut flours, and millet are just a handful of naturally gluten-free grains and starches that people who need to avoid gluten can eat without fear of worsening their condition.


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