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Tintri: the next evolution of Tintri VMstore moves out of the data center and into the cloud

Celebrating its 10e Anniversary, Tintri Introduces 10 Unique Capabilities Delivering Autonomous AI-Based Data Services and Ease of Use in Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems

SAN FRANCISCO (VMWare Explore Booth #1604)- August 29, 2022 – Tintri®, a subsidiary of DDN® and the leading provider of intelligent and self-adaptive platforms, celebrates its 10e anniversary of product availability with the “neXt” evolution of Tintri’s VMstore® series. Built on its purpose-built, self-adaptive VMstore platform, Tintri’s new Virtual Series incorporates 10 unique features that make up the company’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach. The Virtual Series delivers autonomous QoS, predictive analytics, distributed data services, and ease of use in a robust and efficient virtual data workload management platform for hybrid cloud ecosystems.

As businesses continue to adapt to the massive influx of data and mobile workforces, implementing a more flexible and interconnected IT ecosystem is essential to manage application size and complexity. IT departments must not only manage code updates and new features for these applications, but also the underlying infrastructure that affects workflows while protecting data from compromise due to ransomware and other impacts. Tintri has seen the move towards containerization in hybrid IT environments and has adapted its intelligent analytics to improve location, security, and predictive failure and recovery capabilities.

“We work closely with our customers and partners and understand the challenges they continue to face as the implementation of data and applications becomes more distributed,” said Phil Trickovic, SVP of Revenue, Tintri. “With our unique architecture designed specifically for virtual datasets, we are uniquely positioned to address these new customer challenges and deliver tremendous value by rapidly advancing the technology needed to meet these new industry dynamics. Decoupling Tintri’s AI-powered software from our platform hardware, VMstore customers can now deploy the efficient, seamless, and easy-to-use data management platform they’ve become accustomed to with Tintri.”

Businesses have consistently turned to Tintri for its ease of use, predictable performance, and stable service. Customers rely on Tintri to help them reduce the overhead and resources needed to manage IT operations, especially when integrating a cloud strategy. Tintri allows clients to focus on strengthening business operations, leveraging the intelligence of the platform to stay ahead of the game. Tintri VMstore is purpose-built for virtualized workloads and now takes the same approach to developing the virtual version of VMstore technology, opening the door to new levels of infrastructure efficiency in hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Tintri Virtual Series Features

Tintri’s neXt data management platform will consist of a new Virtual Series solution that enables 10 technology features to reduce cost and complexity and improve backup and disaster recovery efficiency, with the ability to deploy and transfer in on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Tintri’s One-Stop Hybrid Cloud Shop
    1. – Easy-to-access site for Tintri support, best practices, service recommendations and professional services
  • Reduce the expense and complexity of data protection
  1. Cloud backup – Eliminate costly add-on backup solutions; leverage snapshot file index for faster file recovery
  • Replicate in the Cloud – Tintri’s native asynchronous replication provides enhanced data protection to instantly protect on-premises workloads by replicating them in the cloud
  1. Restore in the Cloud – Restore files, folders and full virtual machines 10 times faster than enterprise backup solutions
  • Simplified Hybrid Cloud Workload Management
  1. Workload Migration – Increased flexibility to move virtual workloads from site to cloud with enhanced data relocation tools
  2. Centralized cloud management – Easily manage more sites, VMstore systems and virtual workloads with Tintri Global Center management
  • Improved safety and visibility
  • Ransomware Protection – Gain unprecedented visibility for rapid detection and recovery using the Ransomware Defense Suite with vacuum snapshot protection
  • Data Security Services – Locate risks without costly security services and without impacting production systems with automated vulnerability scanning
  • Container data services for cloud-native apps
  1. Tintri Kubernetes Services – Manage QoS, data protection and cloning of physical and virtual clusters for containerized workloads
  2. Tanzu Integration – Support for VMware Tanzu and other popular Kubernetes distributions

“The new Virtual Series platform and 10 neXt feature additions were designed to respond to the evolution we’ve seen in the IT market over the past 3-5 years,” said Brock Mowry, CTO of Tintri. “Due to VMstore’s unique ability to see and manage virtual workloads, these neXt features give users a complete view of their hybrid cloud needs. Performance and data protection are tied to the platform. -Tintri’s form of analysis, allowing users to design the infrastructure, both in the cloud and online.prem to best meet the overall application needs of the organization.”

Tintri Virtual Series Availability and Beta Program

All 10 virtual series features will roll out over the next 15 months. Tintri data security services and Tanzu integration are both available today for existing VMstore customers. For more information, contact a Tintri sales representative or visit

Tintri will also launch several beta programs as Tintri rolls out its next-generation platform. For new and existing customers interested in participating, please email [email protected] for more information.

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