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The Maxwell Foundation thanks the support received and welcomes the year 2022 with the expansion of its “Creando Puentes

The Maxwell Foundation, a foundation for children with disabilities and autism, chaired by Sai Rivero, appreciates the support obtained from all its collaborators, volunteers and service providers, who have formed an excellent work team, and plans for 2022

MIAMI LAKES, Florida, January 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Located in the city of Miami, the Maxwell Foundation has been providing therapy to children with different abilities and autism for more than a decade, in addition to providing support and education to parents, so that their children continue with appropriate training at home. In October 2021, the Maxwell Foundation hosted an appreciation and thank you event for its contributors, as well as the commemoration of its ten years in the Miami community, offering its “Creating Bridges” program – certified and accredited by the MGM Academy, directed by its creator and Certified Specialist Sai Rivero.

“The different programs that we have offered at the Maxwell Foundation for more than ten years are essential for the proper cognitive development and the growth of the different skills that these children have. During all these years, we have detected that after reaching the majority, our young people find themselves without financial support from the state to be able to study a career that allows them to integrate into professional life and therefore into society itself.Thanks to our program “Creando Puentes – Building Bridges Program”, children can choose different careers with certifications in: business and management, travel and tourism, health care, science and information technology,” said Sai Rivero.

From March 2022, the Board of Directors has new members, who are proposing a very active agenda for this year 2022.

Momentum and joint efforts take center stage in the South Florida community, and the Maxwell Foundation invites all who wish to come and be a part of this beautiful, caring community at its central building in the city. from Miami. The office is open to publicize the careers young people can take and the various programs offered by the academy. “Our goal for this new year, 2022, is to achieve equity in health and education among our children. I have always believed that teamwork, starting with local work, achieves informing the community and thus sensitizing our political representatives to reach more resources and support in educational programs. In addition, it is essential to promote philanthropic efforts that advance society. Those of us who are part of the Foundation Maxwell want a better, positive and inclusive world for our children and young people,” concludes Sai Rivero.

About the Maxwell Foundation: It is a private, nonprofit foundation, established in 2010, which works for equity in the education of young people with disabilities and autism. The resources and development of all these years, obtained with efforts to create programs with qualifying titles with employment opportunities so that inclusion in society is a fact and not a wish. Its central office is located at 8040 NW 155TH ST, Miami Lakes, with headquarters in Doral.

About Sai Rivero: Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Miami, earning a dual master’s degree and counseling certificate (BCBA) in behavioral behavior, mental health issues and maladaptive behaviors. The hierarchy of her training has allowed Ms. Rivero to develop different techniques in her academic course thanks to “Applied Behavior Analysis”.

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