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Tenna Expands Construction Resource Management with Master Schedule: CEG

Tenna, a construction technology platform, announced the expansion of its construction resource management software with a new scheduling product.

Tenna’s new scheduling feature is an add-on to Resource Management, which launched earlier this year. While resource management allows contractors to efficiently request and dispatch equipment and labor resources, scheduling allows visibility of these resources across divisions and sites in one combined view. schedule/Gantt chart for equipment and labor planning and forecasting.

The availability of these construction planning and scheduling capabilities within a single platform is a major competitive differentiator in today’s construction technology market; without it, contractors are limited to using multiple separate tools to achieve planning visibility and efficiency.

The design and development of Schedule by Tenna has given way to a flexible, customizable and holistically consumable format, which brings ease of use and added value to the product for the everyday user.

With the addition of the calendar, equipment and project managers can see what’s down for maintenance, what’s currently running at a particular site, and what’s scheduled for six months down the road for a job. They can view project and asset histories as a reference to compare against their construction forecasts, including how long machines will be used on job sites compared to where they were planned.

“Entrepreneurs pay close attention to their two- and four-week anticipation calendars,” said Austin Conti, co-founder and CEO of Tenna. “Using the schedule with resource management enables the connection of field requests to the master calendar. With field teams submitting resource requests from their phones, those requests are connected to the master calendar that managers can use in day-to-day planning and management of work and equipment and to see what will be needed in the near future.”

Resource management and timing have a big impact for entrepreneurs on several fronts. They benefit from several roles in a construction company, beyond just the dispatcher and equipment manager performing asset moves. The VP of Operations, Project Managers, Superintendents, Mechanics, and Drivers all have use cases that are fulfilled with this product, improving day-to-day workflows and facilitating informed operations-related decision making. and project finances.

The schedule helps contractors learn more about where their assets are located, what assets are needed for upcoming work, and what might delay or hinder the mobilization of an upcoming project before it begins so that they can equip their projects with the right equipment and labor resources while avoiding costly delays.

“Beyond day-to-day operational efficiencies, Schedule also helps construction companies plan for supply chain issues,” Conti said.

“As supply chain delays and labor shortages continue to be an industry-wide problem, leveraging resource and schedule management can help entrepreneurs better optimize the equipment and manpower resources they have while facing challenges in securing off-site assets Having visibility into labor and equipment schedules allows them to allows them to manage their own resources more efficiently and to source external resources as far in advance as possible.”

By adding Schedule to the asset management product, Tenna continues its track record of providing the industry’s most comprehensive construction-focused asset management system, the company said.

The Schedule product is an extension of the research and development conducted for Resource Management – which included over 150 hours of customer interviews to help inform all the nuances the market demanded in this type of solution – further demonstrating Tenna’s commitment to providing a usable product that meets a genuine industry need.

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