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Surprising Old School Item Comes To WNY Homes

It’s time to let your fingers go. Who remembers this line from years ago? It might not be a throwback Thursday, but when I got a phone book delivered to my house this week, it was really like the good old days.

Old fashioned delivery to WNY homes

Do not mistake yourself. I’m a fan of the old school. I like things a little more technical and a little simpler than what we have today. But when I saw the new phone book waiting for us in our mailbox this week, I was even asked … but why? When we were growing up, the phone book was the go-to for looking up a business number or even the address of a place or person to send something to. But now we have everything we could possibly need, in the palms of our hands with our phone.

I understand that there are many who do not have the resources that most of us have. Using a phone book may be the only way to get a number for someone. But that begs the question, are cell phone numbers published in a phone book? It turns out some are!

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One obvious benefit of the arrival of the phone book, at least to a discerning shopper’s eyes, is that it contained a large amount of money-saving coupons that you can cut out and use in stores and stores. local restaurants. The old-fashioned way is still alive in some ways, even at the end of 2021! Look for the latest phone book that’s coming to your neighborhood soon!

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