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Support the Montana Constitution and the Montana Public Trust Coalition

The people of Montana love our public lands and waters and have deep connections to our natural environment. Montana’s 1972 Constitution codified much of Montana’s historic natural resource accomplishments directly into our Constitution. These successes include the recovery of wildlife from our awe-inspiring landscape, the right of everyday citizens to hunt and fish regardless of wealth or birthright, our right to a clean and healthy environment, and even our first national law on access to rivers. . Sadly, some elected officials in the last legislature sought to undo more than 100 years of our collective public effort — and new threats to our Constitution and the Montana way of life loom as the next legislature prepares to convene.

The Montana Public Trust Coalition formed in response to these attacks on public trust. This grassroots coalition from across Montana and across the political spectrum asked all legislative candidates if they would promise to defend our constitution (as required by their oath of office), specifically our right to hunt and fish. as well as a clean and healthy environment and to reject any effort to reduce or privatize natural resources already held by the public. Only two years ago, these concerns would have been unthinkable; however, today Montana’s longstanding culture and traditions are under threat.

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Please join us in reaching out to all legislative candidates and asking them to defend our constitution, our right to hunt and fish, our right to a clean and healthy environment – ​​and not to devalue the public trust.

You can view the Montana Public Trust Coalition’s commitment, history, supporters, and sign up for this general effort to preserve the Montana Constitution here:

Helena Hunters and Anglers Association Board of Directors: Steve Platt, Gary Ingman, Gayle Joslin, Rod Bullis, Charlie McCarthy, James Crichton, Doug Powell, Steve McEvoy and Bill Orsello.