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Support for the purchase of firewood, pellets or briquettes remains available without a receipt – Baltic News Network

Support under the conditions of the increase in prices of energy resources will also be applied retroactively to households that use firewood, wood pellets or briquettes as a fuel resource, and this will be possible without presenting purchase receipts, member of the Saeima Juris Pūce announced on Monday August 8, after the cooperation meeting of the parties forming the government.

The issue of support for residents who use wood heating was important because, according to Pūce, this is an important part of Latvia, which is not the wealthiest. Some of these residents have already purchased firewood and are not required by law to keep payment records. In addition, there are residents who collect firewood themselves, but this does not mean that they do not incur costs, the politician pointed out.

Thus, all residents who use wood heating, and have purchased it since May, will be able to benefit from assistance from the municipality without having to present proof of purchase. From September, however, it will be possible to request the support by submitting payment documents, Pūce explained.

As reported, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) offered to provide support for the purchase of firewood, although the document confirming the purchase was not kept.

The ministry proposes to provide for the possibility of aid in the amount of €140 if the person does not keep proof of payment for the purchase of firewood.

It has already been reported that on Monday 8 August the coalition parties agreed to support citizens in the face of rising energy prices – gas, electricity, firewood, pellets and briquettes – which will be wider and earlier than the government has agreed to in its concept. in June.

The support will be granted earlier, applying from 1 July 2022. The government will cover half of the energy price increase.