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Senior resource management executive wins leadership award | military scene

A senior Army Materiel Command executive has been recognized for her leadership, commitment and excellence by a long-standing national advocacy group working to advance federally employed women.

Christina Freese, Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management (G-8), recently received the Redstone Women Rock Award in the Outstanding Leaders category from the North Alabama Section of Federally Employed Women. Freese, who will be recognized for FEW’s local-to-national award, was honored for her leadership and management of AMC’s day-to-day resource operations involving an annual budget of more than $40 billion, and a team that includes six division heads and a staff of nearly 100 civilian and contract employees.

“Being recognized for accomplishments as a leader is always humbling,” Freese said. “To be recognized by such an exceptional women-focused organization makes it even more special. When women uplift other women, it’s powerful.

Freese is not only grateful for this accolade, but also for her office staff, who nominated her for the FEW award.

“Ms. Freese has received several awards in recent years, but they have all been related to financial management. The FEW award is a more people-oriented leadership award,” said Kristin Clark, CMA Deputy Executive Director. G-8.

“She genuinely cares about the people of our entire G-8 team. She has really tried to keep us all connected as much as possible despite the ongoing telecommuting situation, and she embodies the quote/saying ‘good leaders believe that they work for their team, not the other way around”.

Freese leads a diverse team of professionals with skills that include resource management, acquisition, budgeting, cost analysis, category management, hardware integration, and analytics and modeling capabilities. The team provides AMC leadership with assessments and recommendations on how best to use resources allocated each year, and how best to match available resources to the nation’s sustainment needs and the army plan, ensuring the rapid flow of resources to support army fighters.

Among her accolades, Freese was recognized as the Army’s 2021 Comptroller of the Year and her staff was recently named the Fiscal Year 2021 Outstanding Financial Management Organization by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management. .

“Group awards like this demonstrate that others are seeing what I already knew – AMC G-8 is filled with exceptional, results-oriented team members, and their accomplishments are a driving force in preparing for ‘AMC and the Army,’ Freese said.

“Nothing happens at AMC without the financial resources to prepare the military. We advocate and secure mission-critical funding levels. From start to finish, the G-8 is involved in the planning , programming, budgeting and execution.

Freese began his civilian Army career in 1989 as a GS-3 clerk typist with the then Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal. She gradually developed her career, moving into budgeting, programming and business management.

“Within five years of starting my career, I had made the transition to finance-related jobs at the junior level,” she said. “I enjoyed as my career evolved and opportunities presented themselves to me.”

Along the way, she earned college degrees in business administration, management, and leadership, training in Army acquisition, and experience in various resource management jobs within the Air Force Command. and missiles. In 2013, Freese was promoted to AMCOM’s director for resource management.

After five years, she further expanded her financial management experience as the Business Manager of the Huntsville Engineering and Support Center. In 2020, she became a member of the Senior Executive Service and assumed her current role at AMC.

“My career strategy was to focus on possible opportunities one or two levels above my current role and to get training and experiences to help me compete at that level,” Freese said.

“For many years I aspired to be a GS-15 and imagined my career would culminate there. Once I reached that level, I continued to look up as I had done for decades. Achieving my current position as a senior executive has made me grateful to all the exceptional mentors and teammates who raised me. What that really means is that I owe them so much , which keeps me engaged and grounded.

His strategy also involved juggling a demanding job while earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and raising two sons.

“Having a strong family network was fundamental for me,” she said. “Also actively prioritized those things that were essential. It is not possible to do everything and, to be successful, we must learn where to spend our energy and where to take risks or even when to say “no”. It can be tough for highly motivated and competitive people, but I think it has to be done to stay healthy and achieve your goals.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and support from Operation Allies Welcome, Freese and his team have consistently met AMC’s financial goals while identifying process improvements and new approaches to operations that have enabled save nearly $100 million on AMC’s budget.

“Our team is expanding the use of data analytics for decision making and continues to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of all of our processes. These goals keep us focused on improvement,” said Freese, adding that initiatives such as category management, which leverages strategic contract vehicles to achieve the best value for money, and tracking contract requirements services, which provides visibility into contract spend, have saved money while meeting mission objectives. .

With the recent close of fiscal year 2022, Freese is once again proud of his team’s hard work commitment to ensuring AMC’s financial records are strong and its budgetary obligations are met for the year. . During year-end reporting, G-8 employees validate all financial systems reports as accurate and complete, which requires multi-level review, data archiving, and footnote reporting. page to prepare them for final Freese certification in early October.

“September is the countdown to the year-end close in the G-8, requiring longer working hours to carry out urgent actions to receive, issue and commit funds before they expire. “, she said. “The team’s exceptional dedication has enabled more than $22 billion in expiring funds to be spent across the AMC enterprise to support critical Army missions.”

As she has been mentored, Freese also hopes to mentor her employees, encouraging them to take advantage of opportunities and participate in professional organizations such as FEW to network and build capacity.

“There’s nothing more professionally fulfilling than inspiring others to grow and achieve more than they thought possible. I’m also always learning new things from my mentees. It’s rewarding and critical in succession planning,” Freese said.

“With G-8 employees, I enjoy building on their strengths and challenging them to take on assignments that broaden their experience and fill gaps. My expectations of the GAC workforce G8 are to be respectful, embrace diverse perspectives, hold ourselves and others accountable, continue to grow professionally, remain agile, and always strive for resource excellence.

Under his leadership, many G-8 employees have received major awards, experienced career development opportunities, and been selected for positions of increased responsibility inside and outside of AMC.

“AMC succeeds, G-8 succeeds, and every G-8 employee succeeds because we’ve built this team based on trust, transparency, accountability, and commitment to the mission,” Freese said.

“I constantly remind employees that what we do to achieve the Army’s mission has nothing to do with our proximity to the battlefield. What we’re doing is truly making a difference to AMC and the military. The vast majority of our workforce will not deploy to the tip of the spear. But what they do affects what happens at the tip of the spear.