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Season 8 update, locations, weapon and item unlocking, voting features, and more.

Season 8 is finally here and it looks like Kevin the Cube – a Fortnite fan favorite… Cube – is back on the island to wreak havoc following the thrilling Sky Fire event. New craftable weapons are available, a new Victory Umbrella to earn, and a new feature that gets everyone talking. Funding stations have been added to Fortnite and we’ve got everything you need to know about what they are and where you can find them.

WHAT? – What are the funding stations doing?

Fortnite’s fundraising stations are, for lack of a better word, polling stations. They may look like information boards, but they are much more than that.

When you find one, players can donate gold bars to the yellow drop box next to them to vote on what should be added to Fortnite next. This can be a new weapon, a hunched back weapon, or an item. Essentially, it looks like Epic Games is offering more agency for players who want to see their favorite guns return.

Fortnite Data Miner iFireMonkey shared the following images of what you might see on the Funding Station board when you encounter one in-game:

You can also see JB Chimpanski there – one of the very last original Fortnite characters – and he will also have something to say whenever you interact with a funding station. He’s a general who is organizing the war effort against the Cubes in Season 8 – so he’s clearly in need of some financial help if he turns to the fundraising stations.

Epic Games shared the following via Playstation:

“When we said it would take everyone’s effort to win this war, we thought so. How can you contribute to the war effort? There will be a variety of ways throughout the season , but to get started, players in the community can donate bars to construction sites where they would like to see Turret stations built. Later, it will be up to the community to help decide which new weapons to develop, which to unlock, and more. “

We should find out more about how they will work on a larger scale in Season 8. At the moment, we’re not sure how long the “voting period” will last and whether the changes made will be permanent or temporary. Gold bars are a valuable resource in Fortnite, so it will be interesting to see if the community will be willing to part ways with them for something like this.

OR? – They’re just everywhere, really …

Right now, we feel like Fortnite’s fundraising stations are … well, everywhere. Right now, players are finding funding stations near almost all of the major named locations on Fortnite Island.

What’s interesting, however, is that it looks like different fundraising stations are going to show different things. With “turret stations” needing to be added at key locations – thank you, JB Chimpanski – you should find that some fundraising stations feature this “voting option” while others display a “weapon against weapon” option.

Again, we don’t know for sure yet, but Season 8 has just started. There is a lot of time to understand how Epic Games are trying to keep Fortnite going in the future.


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