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Raw Fury Reveals Latest Flat Eye Resource Management Title


Raw Fury and developer Monkey Moon have unveiled their latest resource management simulation game called flat eye. The premise of this game is set in what they predict will be a very possible near future for all of us, as you play into the personal stories of not only consumers, but also your loyal loyal customers. You’ll experience the fun and professional ethics of running your own business location, which in this game is billed as “the world’s number one destination for gasoline and all your retail needs” . You’ll be bombarded with deep storytelling that enters the lives of the people you serve on a daily basis, as you’ll also face challenging challenges that will make you wonder if what you’re doing is helping them. Or even ethics. Enjoy the trailer below as it will be released on PC sometime in 2022.

Credit: Raw Fury

flat eye is a resource management simulation focusing on the stories told by loyal customers. These stories speak to humanity’s growing reliance on technological advancements and digital privacy, ranging from the absurd and comical to the uplifting and unnerving. As the manager of a Flat Eye location, you will optimize your products and services based on Flat Eye’s intuitive buying algorithms. Upgrade your store to better serve your loyal customers and unlock story paths along the way. Each Flat Eye station aims to provide each customer with unparalleled customer service and a tailored shopping experience. We strive to be the world’s leading supplier of:

  • The greenest gasoline on the market
  • Cloning technology
  • First selling experiences (including delicious coffee and viable organs)
  • Memory modification
  • Top notch customer satisfaction
  • Teleport Transport
  • …and more!

Eye Life is a subsidiary of Flat Eye Corporation, all rights reserved. Flat Eye accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage occurring on Eye Life premises. Warnings have been placed in each store, please read them carefully. Flat Eye is not responsible for any unintended results of using its cloning booth, organ dispenser, or teleportation pod.

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