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PPG Inaugurates New Aerospace Applications Support Center Based in Toulouse

PPG recently announced that it will invest $17 million to build an Aerospace Application Support Center (ASC) in Toulouse, France. The new facility is expected to start in July 2022 and open in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Dirk Thelen, PPG Managing Director, Aerospace, EMEA, said Toulouse has become the heart of the European aerospace industry, so it is important for PPG to be present there.

“PPG’s aerospace business currently has regional sales and support offices established in Toulouse, so the addition of the Applications Support Center will give us a greater presence in the region.” he continued.

The construction of ASC-Toulouse is a strategic initiative that will allow PPG to better serve and collaborate with its aerospace customers in the region. The ASC will be located close to Toulouse Blagnac Airport, where many maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) activities take place and where many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and sub- aeronautical contractors are strongly present.

ASC-Toulouse will provide technical resources at the regional level while serving aerospace OEMs and supporting MRO activities.

“ASC-Toulouse will house a qualification laboratory for aeronautical materials such as coatings, sealants and adhesives. It will also have a color mixing area for coatings and a spray booth for paint application trials and hands-on training. Other ASC features include fill lines for touch-up kits, a transparency inspection cell, custom packaging capabilities for third-party products, chemical management resources, and a customer service center “said Thelen.

As part of PPG’s global network of 17 Aerospace Application Support Centers, ASC-Toulouse will support existing products and programs.

“The site offers the flexibility to integrate future product development into its manufacturing capabilities,” said Thelen. “The new facility will allow PPG to provide more efficient customer service and faster response times. ASC-Toulouse will also help PPG with faster qualification times for new products and greater participation in new projects early in the development cycle.

In addition to ASC-Gonfreville, ASC-Toulouse will be PPG’s second aerospace application support center in France, fifth in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and 17th globally.

“All PPG Aerospace Application Support Centers in our global network provide global customer support from a regional base that enhances the delivery of our aerospace products – coatings, sealants, chemical management services, packaging and even more – and brings technical resources closer to our local customers,” said Thélen.

He went on to say that PPG sees a very bright future for its aerospace business.

“As the global airline industry continues to recover, PPG is adapting to changing market dynamics by partnering with our customers and providing innovative products and solutions. Building ASC -Toulouse is just one example of the investment PPG is making in our aerospace business,” added Thelen.