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Northern Ireland Sailing Clubs get support from increased membership

With a surge of people taking to the water this summer, there has been an increase in demand for lessons at sailing clubs across Northern Ireland.

Now seven of these clubs will receive support and development advice through RYA Northern Ireland’s Active Clubs program to help provide activities for members and non-members.

RYANI Active Clubs Coordinator Lisa McCaffrey explains: “In 2020 we saw the impact of COVID when we got the date of the RYA Membership Census, an annual survey carried out by affiliated clubs. We saw a decrease of 5% compared to the previous year; it was not a shock because there was no activity in the clubs.

“With the easing of restrictions in 2021, many people have been drawn to the sport and many members have returned. We saw a 4% increase in membership to 9,370.

“Many clubs have worked hard to adapt to the new arrangements and have been creative in developing interesting and attractive activities for members and new participants, and it has paid off.

“At RYA Northern Ireland, we recognize this hard work and dedication and really appreciate that our clubs go the extra mile to promote the sport.

“We are now delighted to announce that we will be providing additional support to seven clubs and look forward to ensuring they continue to attract members and provide a fantastic experience for their existing members.”

Lisa adds, “The development of programs like the Active Clubs program underscores the importance of clubs completing membership counts each year.

“This census gives an overview of all NI clubs, as well as clubs across the UK. This data is fed back to our Sport NI funders and allows us to continue to support clubs with relevant and useful programs.

“Our clubs already do a lot in terms of activities and this program provides some support through funding, staff time and participation in events and promotion. It’s great to be able to go back to the clubs and support our volunteers, chat with the participants in order to retain members.

Clubs that have received funding from Active Clubs (with relevant projects in brackets) are:

To learn more about these programs and how to access the Active Clubs program, contact [email protected]