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NIOSH Highlights Work in National Nanotechnology Day Blog Post | Bergeson & Campbell, CP

In honor of National Nanotechnology Day and as part of a series for its 50th anniversary, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published a blog post titled “National Nanotechnology Day: a big day for the little things. NIOSH says it has been at the forefront of efforts to characterize potential hazards to those working with engineered nanomaterials and to ensure safe workplaces since the early 2000s, including the establishment from NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center in 2004. As reported in our May 20, 2021, blog post, NIOSH has published a Recommended Exposure Limit (REL) for silver nanoparticles. NIOSH previously released OERs for nanoscale titanium dioxide and carbon nanotubes / carbon nanofibers.

According to NIOSH, companies can use the Nanomaterial exposure assessment technique (NEAT 2.0) to identify the potential for exposure to a manufactured nanomaterial in the workplace. The poster, Controlling Health Risks When Working With Nanomaterials: Questions To Ask Before You Begin “Is a useful visual resource for use in the workplace. NIOSH says that over the past year, it has published two workplace posters: 3D printing with metallic powders: health and safety questions to ask and 3D printing with filaments: health and safety questions to ask. NIOSH notes that it also published the first paper describing a technical inspection for three-dimensional (3D) printers.

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