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Next Generation Recruiting App Pledges $ 1 Million to Support Other Startups


SAN FRANCISCO, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Entrepreneurs and startup founders know the game is against them. Take limited resources and capital, add a pinch of competition, a pinch of high fees from traditional recruiting sites, and mix it up with the volatility of a global pandemic, and attracting vital talent is not only daunting but almost impossible. It’s no surprise that some report that up to 90% of startups fail in their early years.

Enter To hire, an AI-powered mobile recruiting app that recently launched a $ 1 million Start-up program to help other startups market themselves and fill high priority positions with motivated and qualified candidates – for free.

“We have a simple mission, to help startups stand out and cut the noise,” says Brady Xu, CEO of Hirect US “We know the obstacles they face, the competition to make their voices heard and their ideas heard. This sponsorship will help startups promote their services, increase brand awareness, and connect them with amazing candidates. ”

In each of the past five years, more than three million jobs were created by startups nationwide.

Selected startups receive free marketing on various social channels with the goal of reaching one million impressions across all platforms. Selected CEOs and Founders are invited to participate in virtual recruiting events organized by Hirect and its partners.

The first event, Hirect’s Startup CEO Direct Hiring Palooza, drew over 10,000 virtual viewers. Hosted by industry influencers Jonathan javier and Jerry lee, CEO and COO of Wonsulting, which has 1.5 million social media followers, six startup CEOs submitted job vacancies while Hirect ran online advertising campaigns and provided digital assets as part of the a free exhibition package. Through the Hirect mobile app, attendees were able to chat directly with these CEOs immediately after the event to present their qualifications and set up interviews.

The program is open to startups nationwide, with 10 campaign participants to date and more in the pipeline.

“This is not how your parents found a job,” Xu added. “The traditional recruiting process that can stretch over weeks or months doesn’t match the pace of most startups.

Christina czap, founder and CEO of Seer, a Y Combinator company and program participant, agrees.

“In a early stage startup, hiring the team of your dreams is critical to your success,” she says. “With Hirect, they have amazing candidates that you can easily connect with right on the platform and send them a direct message – it’s amazing.”

About Hirect
Founded in 2018, Hirect has over one million registered users worldwide, including startup CEOs, founders, hiring managers and job seekers. A mobile app based on direct messaging and real-time conversations, Hirect uses AI and advanced algorithms to help seamlessly connect companies and candidates. Download Hirect on the App Store Or on google play.




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