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New York’s Women Entrepreneurs Support Each Other This Women’s History Month – NBC New York

March is National Women’s History Month — a time designated to elevate and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women past and present.

This year, two women entrepreneurs in New York hosted different events over the past weekend to showcase, empower, connect and honor women in business.

The Black Women Entrepreneur History Month pop-up shop was curated by Naturally You in conjunction with The Black Entrepreneur, a brand that shines a light on black entrepreneurship.

Naturally You co-owner Shawndele Stafford shared that she and her mother decided to organize pop-up shop events to bring entrepreneurship to the black community and to make sure New Yorkers know about local entrepreneurs. as a way to support small independent businesses.

The event honoring women entrepreneurs was held in Harlem and featured 20 women-owned vendors, including LYT Intentions, which offers homemade vanilla coconut and soy candles, and Checkmate Sweets, a confectionery.

“It was really a great experience to meet different people, to meet different women entrepreneurs who share the same mindset as us [who] want to give back to the community and are passionate about what they do,” Stafford said.

Another woman who has shared her passion for what she does is Fatima Tan’ia, who hosted the Network, Sip, and Shop event and is the owner of Point De Vue Boutique, a showroom and fashion boutique in the Bronx.

Tan’ia created the event to connect small businesses and entrepreneurs with a space to share resources and opportunities to grow and showcase their business. The goal is for women entrepreneurs to “connect, educate, inspire and empower themselves.”

“I believe that empowering women strengthens society, I believe in the potential of every woman, I believe in the value of bringing women together, and I believe that all women can be leaders,” she said.