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New Siegel Family Endowment Grants Support Resilient Skills Development for the Future

Project Invent, The Tech Interactive, Genspace, HYPOTHEkids and Biodesign Challenge are the foundation’s latest education-focused scholarship recipients

NEW YORK, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Siegel Family Endowment Fund, a foundation that provides support to organizations working at the intersections of learning, workforce and infrastructure, today announced new grants to Invent project, Interactive technology, Genspace, the Biodesign challenge, and HYPOTHEchildren. As the foundation seeks to reinventing the K-12 education system as a whole, it also seeks to reassess the type of education that learners receive in an updated education system. This grant package will support the strengthening of unique human skills as well as the development of cutting-edge skills, both of which will be essential for success in the innovation economy.

“As the future of work continues to evolve with the proliferation of digital transformation and the emergence of new industries, we must ensure that all students are properly prepared not only to participate in the innovation economy. , but to prosper, ”said Katy knight, executive director of the Siegel family endowment. “By expanding access to skills that cannot be replaced by technology and skills for jobs that do not yet exist, these organizations are strengthening the kind of resilient education for the future that should be taught in a modern system. “

Technology cannot replace the ability of humans to problem solve, invent and create. Building these skills will be essential to mitigate the impacts of increasing automation, which is why the Siegel Family Foundation has awarded grants to:

  • Invent project, a design and innovation program that gives high school students access to tools and resources to create their own technological solutions to real-world problems.

  • Interactive technology, a scientific and technological center of San jose, california which offers hands-on activities, experimental labs, and design challenge experiences for young people to practice critical thinking and innovation.

Emerging industries will define the future economy, and biotechnology is one of the most promising and high-growth industries emerging today. To equip students with the skills to navigate this evolving field, Siegel Family Endowment supports:

  • Genspace, the world’s first community biology laboratory offering opportunities for people of all backgrounds and ages to engage in the life sciences.

  • The challenge of biodesign, a global competition and education program that allows students to explore the intersection of biotechnology, ethics and design.

  • HYPOTHEchildren, a new York– initiative based on providing STEAM education to underserved students through hands-on experiences and mentoring.

About the Siegel Family Endowment
Siegel Family Endowment Fund aims to understand and shape the impact of technology on society by supporting organizations working at the intersections of learning, workforce and infrastructure. The foundation partners with leaders from civil society, academia, government, and social enterprises on knowledge-building projects that prioritize inquiry-based approaches. Siegel Family Endowment was founded in 2011 by a computer scientist and entrepreneur David M. Siegel, co-founder of Two Sigma.

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