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New Fortnite Gold and Black Marshmello Skin in Today’s Item Shop – Toasted Marshmello (December 14/15)

The new Gold Marshmello Fortnite skin set will be in the item store today for December 14-15, 2021.

Epic Games has collaborated with many content creators, companies, and artists. One of the best early collaborations was with Marshmello. The collaboration including a live concert with cosmetics.

A Marshmello skin and matching cosmetics have been released to the store with “Showtime” challenges and rewards. Players were faced with challenges, including locating the Time of the Show posters scattered around the map.

Free rewards included the “Keep it Mello” emote, the “Marshy Smasher” pickaxe and the “Mello Made It Right” spray. The skin was temporarily disabled due to several issues on mobile and as a result all owners of the skin received a free loading screen.

A few weeks ago, Marshmello’s gold skin style was leaked and was later seen in Marshmello’s Instagram Stories. We now have images showcasing the skin as well as a release date for the gold skin variant.

Golden Marshmello Grilled Fortnite Skin

The Marshmello skin will be in the Item Shop today (December 14/15), and players who purchase any of the cosmetics will receive the Gold Style for free. Players who already had the skin have already received the new style.

Here’s a look at the toasted skin style as well as the styling of the other cosmetics in the set:

Gold Marshmello Skin Style in Fortnite
Gold Marshmello Skin Style in Fortnite

The set will probably be in the store for the next few days. Make sure you buy it before it leaves the store, as it’s unclear when it will be available for purchase again.

The last time it was available in the store was earlier this year on August 7. There’s a good chance we won’t see it spinning in the store after today’s appearance and with a new style of golden skin, there’s no reason not to buy it.

Update: It looks like the December 14 date was for those who already own the skin. We’ll update this when we know when Marshmello returns to the Item Shop.