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New Director of County Library System Appointed – Picayune Item

New Director of County Library System Appointed

Published on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 12:41 p.m.

The Pearl River County Library System has appointed a new director, Lamont Pearson.

Pearson is a Picayune native and graduated from Picayune Memorial High School in 1985. He was appointed director of the Pearl River County Library System on September 2, 2022. Three days later, Pearson said emersion is a good word to describe his early days, as he was helped by his staff to catch up.

“I feel like my duty right now is to be a sponge, to soak up so much as possible,” Pearson said.

In the past, Pearson worked as a library clerk from 2007 to 2011. During that time, he said he was inspired by a former principal from those years, Linda Tufaro, staff members, and members of the Commission. from the Mississippi library to earn a degree in library science. Pearson was an English teacher for more than a decade at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Sanford University, two years at Pearl River Community College, and two years at a South Korean university.

As Director of the Pearl River County Library System, Pearson’s job is to oversee the Picayune and Poplarville Libraries, organize their budgets, conduct and track strategic planning, and review the direction of the library system. to ensure that it meets the needs of the public.

Pearson has yet to set goals for the library, but aims to bring local facilities into the 21st century.

“Members of the public who don’t use libraries who often don’t have a more accurate representation of what libraries offer, for example, we’re not a repository of old, smelly books,” Pearson said.

A digital service is also something Person wants to explore. With help from the Mississippi Library Commission, services like Hoopla will provide audiobooks and eBooks through the library. Pearson would like to partner with them and other library systems to bring together more resources.

Pearson will like to apply for grants to keep the books up to date on the shelves. The Library Services and Technology Act offers many grants that the library can apply for.

When asked what catalog he would like to add to libraries, Pearson said that manga is in high demand. He also wants to keep current legal and medical information on the shelves.

“These two become obsolete the fastest and you don’t want to leave them on the shelves or have information that can negatively affect someone’s health,” he said.

With COVID-19 waning, Pearson is eagerly awaiting community library needs and looking for ways to meet those needs.

“It’s a very broad goal, communication between the community and us as well as seeing where we can move forward as the world continues to rebuild,” Pearson said.