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Three communities in Trumbull County have been approved for public funds to improve parks and water utility projects.

State Representative Michael Loychik R-Bazetta said the Columbus State Control Board approved the release of funds through the NatureWorks program for Trumbull County.

NatureWorks projects are funded by the Ohio Parks and Natural Resources Bond Issue, which was approved by Ohio voters in November 1993.

Loychik said three local projects were among the 115 that have been awarded by the State Control Council, and that they amounted to $ 5.2 million in funding.

Since its inception, the NatureWorks program has helped fund 2,300 public park projects in all 88 counties of Ohio.

Projects in Trumbull County include:

• Willow Park in Cortland received $ 60,961 for the replacement of sanitary facilities;

• Waugh Park in Hubbard received $ 20,975 for the installation of new playground equipment;

• The village of Lordstown received $ 1.5 million to finance the upgrade of the local water supply service to support the construction of a new manufacturing plant.

Cortland Mayor Deidre Petrosky said the village asked for $ 80,000 but was very happy to receive $ 60,000.

“We are very happy to receive the funds. The toilets in Willow Park are in need of replacement. They come from a golf course and have been there for 20 years ”, she said.

Petrosky said the park is well used by local residents and visitors, and the restrooms are being used.

She said the city’s parks administration board was dedicated to improving the parks and the restrooms needed updating.

“We plan to build new restrooms and update parks for Cortland residents and other visitors. “ said Petrosky.

Hubbard Mayor Ben Kyle said the city appreciates receiving the NatureWorks grant, which he says will be used to “Dramatically improve Waugh Park, which has been a necessary component of our city park system for years.”

“Now we are looking to improve that and invest in safe and reliable play equipment” Kyle said.

Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill said the project had been underway for a few years to bring water to future businesses coming into the village.

He said the water and water pipe project will benefit and help the Ultium Cell factory and then any other business wishing to locate in Lordstown.

“We are trying to be proactive and to have a head start so that we have water to supply Ultium Cell now and for future businesses and companies coming to the village” Hill said.

“It’s wonderful to see these public funds allocated to Trumbull County, making Ohio’s 63rd District a better place to work, live and raise a family.” Loychik said.

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