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Naborforce Unveils Plan to Support Companies Committed to Addressing the Challenges Facing Caregivers in the Workplace

Posted: October 12, 2021 at 3:22 p.m. CDT|Update: 52 minutes ago

RICHMOND, Virginia., 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Naborforce, a fast-growing tech company that connects aging adults to a network of trusted care providers, today unveiled a new service offering for businesses and other organizations committed to supporting their teammates who help care for an older family member. The new program, called Naborforce for Laborforce, will provide senior relief resources and benefits designed to help employees balance work and care, while increasing productivity and reducing turnover.

Today, one in four employees has the added responsibility of caring for an older family member. The number of employees providing care while managing a career is expected to double in the coming years as the US population ages. Therefore, employees with caring responsibilities report that the most important benefits go beyond flexible working hours and paid time off, and instead include a resource for caring. The need for benefits and resources for caregivers has increased further over the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the challenges for caregivers.

“There is no doubt that the pandemic has heightened awareness of the toll caregiving takes on employees – and it’s not just the challenges of child care,” said Paige wilson, founder and CEO of Naborforce. “As COVID-19 blurs the lines between work and family life, proactive employers are taking note and are keen to support the general well-being and mental health of caregivers in the workforce. “

Responding to the call for caregiving as a top benefit demand, the new program offers employers of all sizes the power of Naborforce’s award-winning senior technology platform, which has established more than 10,000 connections between the elderly and the growing support system of “Nabors” available for on-demand assistance in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and beyond. On call and ready to help, the Naborforce network can now be used by employees to put their loved one in contact with a “Nabor” to help them prepare meals, run errands, provide transportation to a medical appointment. or simply offering companionship.

Naborforce for Laborforce is the first and only solution for employers looking to provide true senior care to their employees on demand. Dominion Energy and Atlantic Union Bank, two RichmondBased employers recognized for their benefits and workplace culture are the first to deliver the program. “We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to support our caregivers and believe this will provide much needed relief to those who balance their caregiving responsibilities with their careers,” said Regina Elbert, Vice President of Human Resources Business Services at Dominion Energy.

Wendy wellener, Vice President of Shared Services and Executive Sponsor of Women’s Resource Group, We3, at Dominion Energy, added, “I am proud to work with our HR leadership on such a thoughtful and proactive approach to supporting well- be part of our workforce. . Naborforce will be a great resource for all of our employees. “

“By providing this essential back-up support, we can help reduce stress for people with elderly care issues, especially our teammates who often bear a disproportionate care load,” said Maria tedesco, President of the Atlantic Union Bank.

Businesses who wish to support employees who are caregivers, while improving their organization’s workplace culture and productivity, are encouraged to visit to learn more about Naborforce for the workforce. Additionally, individuals and family members looking for a “Nabor” for on-demand support can visit to connect those who need a helping hand with those who are ready to lend one.

About Naborforce:

Situated at Richmond, Virginia, Naborforce uses technology to harness the strength of the community. Through their proprietary technology platform, they connect older people and their family caregivers with a network of fully vetted community members for lightweight, on-demand assistance and social connection. For more information visit

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