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Most collected object in UK, reveals Royal Mint


A recent survey conducted by the Royal Mint reveals that coins are the most popular collector’s item in the UK.

More than a third of collectors are passionate about coins. Stamps and books came in second and third place for the most popular to collect elements.

Millions of people around the world collect coins, with more than half of UK collectors starting their collection travel with an unusual coin found in their currency.

The survey also found that Gen Z collectors are the age group most likely to start collecting coins, with 43% owning a collection and 58% increasing their collections in the past 12 months.

They also use the hobby as a means of investment. 38% of Gen Z and over a quarter of Millennials view their collections as personal investments, with their collections increasing in value over time.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at the Royal Mint, said: “Britain is a nation of collectors and we are delighted that coins remain at the heart of this tradition. Collecting coins can help bring generations together and we’ve seen a particular increase in Gen Z over the past year or so.

“As an original coin maker, the Royal Mint has a wide range of resources to help people start or build a meaningful collection. Whether you’re exploring treasures handed down by the family, investing in rare coins, or hunting down your change for modern classics, coin collecting remains a fun and rewarding pastime.

Collection week

The Royal Mint is organizing a week of events for everyone, from the most seasoned collectors to those who want to start their collection.

Collection week is the largest coin collecting celebration in the UK and will start on September 20, 2021. The program is expected to include guest speaker webinars, panel discussions, awards, quizzes and auctions as well as prizes and daily surprises – all of which can be broadcast from home.

The Royal Mint will also crown Britain’s biggest and best collections with a brand new rewards program, featuring the largest 50p collection and the youngest and oldest of the collectors duo.

To find out more or to register for the events of the collection week, visit the website here.



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