Resource Data

MiVue® — Turn Machine Data into Manufacturing Information

MiVue®. Developed specifically for the plastics industry.

MiVue was developed by a team of engineers from ACS Group, a company with a 100-year heritage and a leader in the design and manufacture of plastic manufacturing machinery. ACS brands provide machines that power extrusion, thermoforming, injection and compression molding processes, so they understand the importance of how one machine can affect the whole operation.

MiVue gathers machine data, pushes it to the cloud, and presents it in real-time in a graphical format that gives you insight into your operations, on any web-enabled device.

Multiple users can view the data on their desktop or mobile devices. With actionable data, you can maximize resource utilization, reduce unwanted variation, and ultimately optimize your entire manufacturing operation. So, instead of worrying and reacting, you can look for income-generating opportunities lurking in your establishment. Monitor multiple machines in as many locations as needed to compare and improve operations in different locations, whether they’re across the aisle or halfway around the world.

MiVue will also keep you informed of alarms and machine status updates remotely via SMS and email, so you’ll be alerted to developing issues before they cause bigger problems. Archive your data in the cloud and use it to analyze what happened, when it happened, and what actions helped mitigate the issue.