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Medchart and DigitalOwl modernize medical data retrieval

TORONTO, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — medical diagram today announced a partnership with DigitalOwl to drive the digital transformation of the medical data retrieval and analysis process for personal injury and mass tort law firms. Together, these companies provide law firm clients with access to medical data and analytics based on natural language processing (NLP), all from within the Medchart user experience.

Retrieving and reviewing medical records is essential to the practice of personal injury law, but it has traditionally been a very manual and time-consuming process. Staff spend an inordinate amount of time routinely reviewing thousands of pages of medical, pharmaceutical, billing and other records to obtain the information they need for an applicant’s case. As a result, law firms are turning to technology to retrieve their clients’ medical information and analyze the data to obtain the information needed to support the case quickly and at scale.

“Medchart enables law firms to drive their much-needed digital transformation by securely collecting and contextualizing the data they need to inform important lawsuits,” said Sean Allen, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DigitalOwl. “Our partnership unlocks additional productivity and efficiency gains for medical records retrieval and review. At its core, the partnership between our companies enables personal injury law firms to leverage our innovative natural language processing technology to analyze and interpret medical records, enabling firms to modernize processes to better represent the interests of clients.

Medchart enables personal injury law firms to practice more profitably by dramatically reducing the hours spent preparing medical data requests, obtaining client clearances, and reviewing records for fundamental criteria critical to the success of a lawsuit. a case. After uploading the digitized medical records to the Medchart platform, DigitalOwl generates a targeted medical summary dataset with multiple filtering options and simple navigation. By applying DigitalOwl’s AI and NLP technology, users get the most relevant data from medical records in a fraction of the time.

“With DigitalOwl, Medchart provides our customers with medical record summarization technology in a simple and intuitive way from the Medchart interface they currently use,” said Alex Hrynkiewicz, vice president of growth at Medchart. “Most importantly, law firms will now get the medical data insights and analytics they need in hours, not days. Technology like ours is critical to getting the correct medical information into the hands of personal injury law firms to bring justice to their clients, while increasing business throughput and results.

About DigitalOwl
DigitalOwl offers an innovative technological solution to analyze and synthesize medical records. The company introduced the first and only machine learning platform that interprets medical records and assists underwriters, adjusters and legal parties in their work. A thorough understanding of medical text creates a focused set of medical data points in a robust, meaningfully summarized format. The data is arranged in chronological order, allowing the user to search and filter the information by medical condition, date, body system, etc. The complete history is contained in a few pages rather than hundreds, allowing customers to speed up the process of reviewing their medical records and freeing up their talented resources to devote more time to critical activities. For more information about DigitalOwl, visit, LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter @DigitalOwl_AI.

About Medchart
Medchart is a secure platform for easily and securely aggregating patient-authorized access to digitized health records, billing data, and affidavits. By providing tens of thousands of trusted data connections through an easy-to-use set of APIs, Medchart enables law firms to practice more profitably. Medchart’s clients include law firms representing nearly 40% of all US plaintiffs in Purdue’s ongoing opioid litigation. Investors include Crosslink Capital, Golden Ventures, Vast Ventures, Union Ventures, iGan Partners, Stanford Law School and Nas, an original funder. Visit Medchart at Or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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