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Mayor announces initiative to provide resources and support to Ukrainians in New York

Mayor Eric Adams made an announcement from the steps of City Hall in support of Ukrainian New Yorkers who are currently residing or have just arrived as overseas tensions continue.

Brighton Beach has a massive Ukrainian population many of whom are affected by war overseas.

The mayor said earlier that New York is a city of immigrants and will be ready with open arms to provide the necessary support and resources.

A $2 million allocation will provide resources, access to immigration legal assistance, translation and social services.

The budget will increase staff and increase access to resources that are already available in the coming weeks.

This announcement follows the Biden administration’s Uniting for Ukraine program, which will provide a streamlined process for Ukrainian refugees wishing to come to the United States.

The Consulate General of Ukraine in New York was at Friday’s press conference to commend the US government for its solidarity.

The mayor says the initiative will be spearheaded by several city agencies, vendors and community organizations serving Ukraine.