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Matrix Neo and Trinity Fortnite Skins in Today’s Item Shop December 20-21, 2021

Today’s Fortnite Item Shop for December 20-21, 2021 will feature Matrix skins.

UPDATE: The dataminers actually got it wrong and there are only two emotes, the Kick emote from Trinity and the Bullet Time emote from Neo. There is also only one wrapper called Ones and Zeros Wrap, all available for purchase in the Item Shop now!

Fortnite Matrix Collaboration Cosmetics

Epic Games has collaborated with a significant number of companies, streamers, and music artists since their first collaboration with Marvel. In the middle of Chapter 1, we weren’t expecting to get as many collaborations as we do now.

From the weird collaboration with musical artists hosting events to an entire season and a dedicated partnership event. Every Battle Pass since Season 4 of Chapter 2 appears to have at least one Collaboration Skin.

No Way Home Zendaya Tom Holland Skins Spider Man
No Way Home Zendaya Tom Holland Skins Spider Man

This season we have the Spider-Man skin in the Battle Pass and in a few weeks players will be able to unlock The Foundation skin in a style that will feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We knew we would be getting more skins as part of a collaboration, but we weren’t expecting it so soon.

Matrix x Fortnite Neo and Trinity skins

Data miners had disclosed some time ago that we would be getting a Matrix x Fortnite collaboration. However, it was thought the release date would be Christmas Day or after, but it isn’t. Shop sections have been updated prior to the December 20-21, 2021 rotation and we have a “Follow the White Rabbit” set.

The Follow the White Rabbit set is the code name for the Matrix Resurrections Fortnite set. As it’s yet to be decrypted, we don’t know which Matrix Fortnite skins will be available overall, but it looks certain we’ll see a Neo and Trinity outfit overall.

Follow the whole white rabbit

We already have a cosmetic in the Matrix Follow the White Rabbit Fortnite set, the legendary Sentinel glider which can be obtained for free in one of the Winterfest Christmas presents in the lodge.

Fortnite Sentinel Matrix Glider
Fortnite Sentinel Matrix Glider

We should see the cosmetics decrypted before the store reset, so we will make sure to update this article as soon as the data miners publish the cosmetics. Check back regularly and in the meantime see what score you can get on our chapter 3 quiz.

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