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Maine Question 1’s support and opposition campaigns raised $ 99.6 million, for a total of $ 241.75 per vote – Ballotpedia News

On November 2, voters approved Maine’s Question 1, which banned the construction of power lines defined as high-impact in the Upper Kennebec area, including the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC). The ballot initiative also required a two-thirds vote from every legislative chamber in the state to approve high-impact power transmission line projects. The NECEC is a 145 mile long high voltage transmission line project that would transport approximately 1,200 megawatts from hydroelectric plants in Quebec to electric utilities in Massachusetts and Maine.

Support and opposition campaigns for Question 1 raised a total of $ 99.62 million. Question 1 was the most expensive voting measure in Maine history. Since 412,086 people voted on the ballot measure, the cost per vote was $ 241.75.

No CMP Corridor campaigned for Question 1. PAC Mainers for Local Power and NRCM Yes on Question 1 were also registered to support the poll initiative. Together, PACs had raised $ 27.65 million, including $ 20.20 million from NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, which owned a natural gas-fired power plant in Cumberland, Maine, and six solar fields or projects in the southern and central Maine; $ 3.61 million from Vistra Energy Corp., which owned a natural gas plant in Veazie, Maine; and $ 3.26 million from Calpine Corp., which owned a natural gas plant in Westbrook, Maine. “Yes” to question 1 received 243,943 votes, representing a cost per campaign support vote of $ 113.33.

Clean Energy Matters, Hydro-Quebec Maine Partnership, Vote No to Protect Maine, Mainers for Fair Laws and Mainers for Clean Energy Jobs PAC have registered to oppose the poll initiative. Together, PACs had raised $ 71.97 million, including $ 48.45 million from Central Maine Power (CMP), NECEC Transmission LLC and parent company Avangrid; and $ 20.59 million from HQ Energy Services (US) Inc., which was a subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec. “No” to Question 1 received 168,143 votes, which represents a cost per support campaign vote of $ 428.06.

Maine’s Question 1 was the most expensive voting measure of 2021 and had the highest cost per vote. Since 2016, Question 1 had the highest total cost per vote and the highest cost per vote for a single campaign due to contributions received from the opposition. In 2020, the highest cost per vote was $ 65.48 for the Alaska Ballot Measure 1, which dealt with petroleum taxes. Prior to Maine Question 1, the highest cost per vote for a campaign since 2016 was $ 163.97. This 2017 campaign supported a voting initiative in Maine to license a casino in York County, Maine. Voters rejected this voting measure.

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