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Letter: Proposals to support caregivers, families worthy of support | Opinion

There are many unique challenges and needs when caring for a loved one with dementia. As a progressive disease, the care journey often feels like putting out fires and reacting rather than being able to plan how best to care for a loved one. As a former caregiver of my mother with Alzheimer’s disease, I understand how complicated it is to navigate the maze of health care and support services.

My personal experience with ALZ was not unlike that of millions of others affected by this disease. My father was my mother’s primary caregiver throughout his ALZ journey, and as the disease progressed, caregiving for him was often chaotic, hectic and overwhelming. There have been many ALZ milestones along the way, and our family would absolutely have benefited from education, locally accessible resources, information on available services, general guidance and assistance.

Fortunately, the Alzheimer’s Association has introduced two laws that can better support caregivers and families affected by the disease. First, the Alzheimer’s Disease Comprehensive Care Act would streamline health care options for people with dementia and their caregivers, reducing costs and improving the quality and delivery of care. Second, the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Act would provide grants to expand training and support services to provide much-needed relief to the more than 11 million caregivers with dementia across the country.

Knowing that other families would have access to life-saving support services through these bills if they are successful, that is why I support them.

Angela Mitchell, Danville


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