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La Pucelle: Ragnarok Leveling and Item Merging Guide

There are features in The Maid: Ragnarök. And then there is Features. It’s got everything the game tells you about, and it’s what you need to get the minimum without a ton of sweat and tears. You will complete the campaign. You will enjoy it! But you won’t get that Nippon Ichi spice from life.

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What the hell are we talking about, you ask? We’re talking about the Disgaea-inspired lore of smashing The Maid: Ragnarok wide open with some truly epic power levels. And there’s no better way to make the magic happen than merging articles.

The basics of leveling and merging objects

From the jump, the fact that the articles even have the levels may seem alien. It’s not the rarest notion, especially among Nippon Ichi dishes, but it’s far from universal in the genre.


As expected, higher item levels are better. As you gain other forms of combat experience, the items you have equipped on various party members will also increase in power. But what is that for ? We will come back to this shortly. For now, it is simply important to understand that it is there.

In the city of departure, a masked figure resides inside the Rosenqueen Shop. Be sure to speak with them. Among the many mysterious powers they talk about, the main one is the system that ultimately leads to the merging of objects. This involves recruiting a monster through purification, equipping it with the item you wish to grow significantly in strength, equipping up to three After items in the slots under this one to help dictate the strength of this first one and send the monster into the world of darkness.

The right monster for the job

Not just any monster will do. Well, technically, that’s wrong; you can sacrifice any of your monster buddies, but the stronger they have become, the more your item’s power increase threshold in turn improves. This is because their own stats become the basis for what your newly fused item will be able to achieve.

If a monster has an attack stat of only 11, then we cannot advise investing in this process. If attack is one of the relevant stats in creating your new item, it can’t eclipse 11. And 11, of course, is awfully low.

Breed that monster, though, or better yet, recruit something more powerful by default, and 11 becomes 110, or even 1100 and up. It’s when you cook with fire.

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let’s merge

You have a good monster. Now choose the element you want to strengthen. Equip it to the monster’s first available accessory slot. It is important; the element in the first slot absorbs the aspects of up to three elements below it in order, breaking them in the process.

Things get tricky, so we’ll do our best to explain the settings. Your item level indicates how many attributes will be affected when merging items. Now, where are these attributes derived from? The other items. Take a look at the items above. These are starting rates, so not necessarily what you’ll try your hand at, but their smaller numbers can make the fundamentals easier to understand.

The Raise ATK item has three attributes to involve in item fusing, and the item that will absorb it (along with the pair of Manly Fists) is the Bracelet. How do we know that Raise ATK has exactly three attributes? The number of attributes is determined by the number of things with a list greater than zero.

Unsurprisingly, Raise ATK includes a bonus attack stat of three as well as an attack stat growth modifier of two. Between them is the slightly less obvious elemental buff of one. For the bracelet to take these three elements into account when merging objects, it must be at least level 3. Further Manly Fists upgrades will require a much higher level of the bracelet.

When fusing items, attributes taken from breakup props in slots two through four of the equip screen are taken into account. sequentiallywhich means the Raise ATK takes priority if the bracelet is only level 3. Also, the attack stat bonus of three is considered first, so if the bracelet is only level 1 , he would be the only heir.

Over time – and dozens of hours, potentially hundreds – you’ll chain together item smelting in The Maid: Ragnarok, building more powerful items only to mine them as a building resource for even more powerful items. late. The results can be staggering, crushing the difficulty of any given story chapter and putting you on even (or better) footing against even the strongest optional demons the game has in store for loyal players.

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