Resource management

July is Parks and Recreation Month – A look at the Resource Management Division

Asheville Parks and Recreation has been the trusted guardian of the city’s parks, community centers, playgrounds, athletic fields and fields, swimming pools and more for nearly 70 years. There’s no better way to celebrate Parks and Recreation Month than by showcasing professionals who faithfully serve the community year-round to build a strong, vibrant, and resilient community through high-quality recreation, leisure, and active living experiences – often behind the scenes.

Each Tuesday in July, a different division of the department will be in the spotlight. This week, Christy Bass, Focus Area Manager, answers questions about the Resource Management Team.

What does the Resource Management Division do and how does it fit into the overall success of Asheville Parks & Recreation?

The Resource Management Directorate is the administrative Swiss army knife of the department. This strong team of seven is responsible for providing human resources, financial planning, analysis, technology services, contracts and purchasing, communications and marketing, as well as high-level customer service.

What accomplishments have been made possible in the past year with your division playing a leadership role or providing significant support?

Some of the things this group has accomplished or helped accomplish are designing a department intranet, purchasing security cameras for the Linwood Crump Shiloh Community Center, revamping our program and activity guide, advancing our strategic planning and sharing all job descriptions.

Are there any responsibilities overseen by your division that might surprise community members?

One thing that might surprise community members is how many people call or email the service with a non-parks related question or concern. Plus, every call is returned and tracked.

Is there anything else you would like to include?

The Resource Management Division provides both strong levels of internal and external support. We take ideas or suggestions people have and turn them into something that will benefit service and/or customer experience.

Check back next week for a look at the department’s asset maintenance and workforce management team.