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Item in City Council Consent Schedule Would Allow Participation in Overdue Utility Client Assistance Programs – Pasadena Now

As part of the consent schedule on Monday’s city council agenda, council will consider participating in two new utility assistance programs that provide support to customers including energy and water bills. are overdue.

In Pasadena, 10,500 utility customers have outstanding balances of 60 days or more, totaling $ 8.2 million.

The consent timeline includes a number of items that can be decided at once with a sweeping motion for approval with little or no discussion. Items requiring further discussion may be removed from the list for further consideration once the remainder of the consent timeline is decided.

If the council approves the city’s participation in the California Arrearage Payment Program and the California Water and Wastewater Arrearage Payment Program, federal funds will be administered through state agencies to assist residential and commercial utility customers who became past due on their utility bills for services provided from March 4, 2020 to June 15, 2021.

The Pasadena Department of Water and Electricity (PWP) would be required to apply to participate, but customers would not.

“If a customer account is determined to be eligible for assistance in accordance with program requirements, a credit will be applied directly to the customer’s electricity, water and sewer services on utility bills as long as the funding is available, ”according to a staff report on Monday’s council agenda. “The city will not issue checks or payments directly to utility customers.”

In addition, PWP will not impose late fees or penalties. It will also not disconnect service for overdue accounts during program implementation.

The amount of funding PWP will receive was not immediately known and the implementation schedule for these programs has not been finalized.

Here are the remaining items of Monday’s consent schedule:

  • A contract of $ 82,952 with Meridian Rental Group for eight anti-terrorism vehicle barriers, a trailer and a tug for an amount not exceeding $ 82,952. Online searches have been carried out to try to find similar barriers that provide mobility, stopping power of vehicles and the designation of the Office of Homeland Security (OHS) under the Security Act as qualified protection against terrorism. No other company was found to supply a device meeting these qualifications. Vehicle mitigation strategies are a necessity, as vehicle assaults are one of the primary forms of attack during large events and gatherings by local violent extremists (HGVE) and / or terrorists.
  • A contract, not to exceed $ 1.9 million per year, with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for additional law enforcement services for the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, for a period of five years not exceeding $ 9.5 million. LASD has resources and a large amount of staff to meet any potential needs resulting from unforeseen circumstances. This contract does not commit the City to paying for postponed or canceled events. It is for services rendered only. Services provided by LASD include the provision of additional traffic control and law enforcement personnel, supervision and management as indicated, as well as motor vehicles, operational, technical and administrative support as required .
  • Separate contracts of $ 120,000 with Gina Acuna and Denika King for movie monitoring services. The responsibilities of the film monitor include adhering to the activity approved by the film license, interfacing with site directors, residents, business owners and other city staff, including those police, fire, public works and transport services.
  • Authorization for Mayor Victor Gordo to sign a letter to the Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission advocating for the preservation of the communities of the three cities of Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale within their County Supervisorial District 5 during the 2021 redistricting process. With the recent release of federal census data, state and county redistribution commissions are assessing electoral district boundaries and seeking feedback from stakeholders on proposed redistribution plans. The three city communities of Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale share County 5 Oversight District, represented by Supervisor Kathryn Barger. In addition, the three cities also share similar historical, cultural and economic backgrounds and partner in many regional efforts. Most notably, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, a separate government agency, was established under a joint powers agreement between the three cities in 1977 for the sole purpose of owning and operating the Hollywood Airport. Burbank. Due to these common characteristics, the city advocates for the classification of the area of ​​the three cities of Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale as a community of interest and its continued inclusion in their current electoral district.
  • A resolution authorizing remote meetings of the city council, all subordinate city bodies, and all city nonprofit corporation boards and their subordinate bodies until November 3. Since the start of the pandemic, city council and local committees and boards have been meeting remotely under an executive order signed by Governor Gavin Newsom that suspended certain teleconferencing requirements of Brown’s Law. The executive decree expired on October 1. Bill 361, an emergency measure amends Brown’s Law and allows public meetings by teleconference in certain circumstances where attendance is from a remote location. If the city council wishes to continue meeting remotely, it must comply with AB 361, which applies to meetings during the state of emergency, as declared by the governor. There must also be measures imposed or recommended to promote social distancing by state or local authorities or a conclusion by the legislative body that an in-person meeting would present imminent risks to the health or safety of participants due to the urgency.

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