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Introducing the Skills Marketplace, a support platform for small business owners and individual entrepreneurs, where commitment and involvement are currency!

Mont Belvieu, TX, October 15, 2021 – ( – Emm David, a “creator of business tools and resources”, is excited to launch The Skill Market, a support platform for Small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and individuals, designed to positively impact bottom lines, without putting a stranglehold on operating budgets.

Emm has long worked in the corporate world, designing and creating training and customer orientation programs, developing service experiences at the executive and director level. She has worked with small businesses to take them from an idea or a bustle to viable, well-structured businesses. She knows and understands what is needed and what is not readily available to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

“I single-handedly created and built The Skill Market from an idea I had 8 years ago when I purchased the domain name,” said Emm. “A lot of small and very small business owners don’t have the resources, or just can’t get the capital, to really make an impact when trying to start or establish their business. Large companies invariably tear them away from the market, thanks to the sheer power of their advertising budget. The skills market was designed to give small businesses a fighting chance in the market.

The Skill Market platform contains everything a small business needs to strategize, connect and grow their business. The platform boasts of:

A repertoire of skills
The social network for businesses and consumers – Rendez-vous!
Customer interaction services
Back office services
Hospitality services
Business development consultations
Building Website
Employment advice / recruitment
LMS for employee onboarding and training programs
Consumer market
B2B referral network
Video platform
Advertising and marketing tools and resources, and many more resources currently in production.

Many tools, services, and resources are free or at minimal cost, while many can be paid for with The Skill Market’s unique barter program or an Equity Commitment Plan. The mission is to support small business owners and individuals, not to profit from them.

The skills market
Phone / text: 904-372-3772
Email: [email protected]


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