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IHS awards grants to support tribal self-determination

WASHINGTON, DC – The Indian Health Service (IHS) Office of Direct Services and Contracting Tribes is announcing grants totaling $250,000 to the Ak-Chin Indian Community in Arizona and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota.

The grant is part of the Tribal Management Grant Program and is used to develop and improve tribal capacity to manage health programs under the authority of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. The program is designed to prepare tribes and tribal organizations to assume some or all of IHS’s existing programs, functions, services, and activities, and to further develop and enhance their health management capabilities. The program consists of four types of projects with funding amounts and project periods: feasibility study, planning, evaluation study and health management structure.

“These awards underscore the Indian Health Service’s commitment to Indian self-determination,” said Elizabeth Fowler, Acting Director of IHS. “We continue to work with interested tribes and tribal organizations to assume all or portions of existing IHS programs in support of the common goal of providing quality health care to American Indians and Native Americans. Alaska.”

The IHS Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes serves as the primary liaison and advocate for tribes and tribal organizations participating in the Tribal Management Grant Program. The office coordinates and collaborates with the Direct Service Tribes Advisory Committee to organize a national forum for all tribal leaders to discuss best practices, partnerships and resources to improve the Indian healthcare delivery system. They also provide information, technical assistance and policy coordination in support of Indian self-determination.

The following tribes received funding:

Grant recipient Town State Rising
Ak-Chin Indian Community maricope A-Z $100,000
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Rosebud South Dakota $150,000