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HarbisonWalker Foundation donates to Coyote Hill to support area foster families

Each year, the HarbisonWalker International Foundation runs a campaign to support charities across the country based on employee nominations. This year, out of 20 nominations, they selected employee Christy Stuckenschneider’s essay supporting Coyote Hill.

Stuckenschneider chose Coyote Hill because of his love of children and his experience witnessing his sister’s journey as an adoptive parent. HarbisonWalker has an office in Fulton and Coyote Hill has offices in Jefferson City, Columbia, Moberly, Harrisburg and Hannibal.

“I have a thing for kids,” Christy said. “I am amazed at the support Coyote Hill offers foster parents. My sister never had any support, like respite care or help paying for shoes. There was also no emotional support.”

Coyote Hill works to create safe homes for children in central and northeastern Missouri by licensing foster parents and providing them with support and resources to continue their foster journey. Coyote Hill Family Advocates and Licensing Specialists walk alongside foster families and nurture a relationship with the family, which helps foster families succeed and create stable homes for children.

We know it’s been effective – Coyote Hill has a 98% retention rate for foster families, compared to the national rate of 50%.

“We all know that children have enough trouble being separated from their families,” Stuckenschneider said. “They need love and affection. It takes a whole village.”

HarbisonWalker is a Pennsylvania-based clay products and refractories manufacturer, with brick and rotary kiln facilities in Fulton. The HarbisonWalker International Foundation selects charities that have a local impact, where employees have a connection. This $3,500 donation will directly support and fund foster families in Jefferson City and allow Coyote Hill to continue to train and support more foster parents in Audrain and Callaway counties.

“It’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job,” Stuckenschneider said. “I know it makes a difference. HarbisonWalker is a great company to work for.”

There are currently 75 foster children in County Audrain and 174 children in care in Callaway County, but only 11 licensed foster homes in County Audrain and 48 licensed foster homes in the county. by Callaway.

It’s a gap that Coyote Hill is working to sustainably and intentionally fill.

“HarbisonWalker’s donation allows us to continue to advocate and support foster families and the children they serve,” said Kyle Peek, Jefferson City Coyote Hill area coordinator. “It’s such a blessing to be able to receive it from them and build that relationship.”

Coyote Hill officials said they are extremely grateful to Christy Stuckenschneider and the HarbisonWalker International Foundation for being a part of “our village and for supporting our Jefferson City host families. Their generosity helps create safe places to be a child, and it will have a lasting impact.”