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Grant to South West to Support Forestry / Natural Resources Program | Local News

Southwestern Oregon Community College is pleased to announce that the Judith Ann Mogan Foundation has awarded the college a grant to support its forestry / natural resources program.

The Forestry Workforce Training Expansion Grant allows the college to hire a temporary specialist to support the current faculty and determine curricula to enhance forestry / resource programs natural and fire science to effectively meet the needs of industry.

During this two-year pilot project, the college intends to develop and enhance the programs by exploring workforce opportunities and partnerships and by adapting the curriculum. The work will include outreach with industry and educational partners, and trend analysis.

“Our world is changing rapidly, from increasing pressures on our ecosystem to the application of advanced technologies in the management and protection of forests,” said Dr Ali Mageehon, vice president of education. “The college wants to evolve with these changes to ensure our students access the most up-to-date training that helps them excel in college and compete as professionals. “

Southwestern surveyed larger regional forestry and natural resources employers and learned that they want to fill at least 282 new and existing positions by 2029. The college is working hard to provide the most skilled workers to meet the needs reviews of these employers. Southwestern’s hands-on and highly skilled training in a small classroom environment prepares these students for both basic short-term professional skills and preparation for advanced professional training through partner universities. The college also supports students in these programs by pairing them with scholarships and hands-on experience through internships.

Within 3 to 5 years, the project goal is to create a stronger workforce, support a wide range of jobs needed for a living wage and contribute to the regional economy. Ultimately, the Mogan Foundation grant helps the college maintain a flexible vocational and technical education system that is better able to meet the needs of the workforce.


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