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Foster families provide security and support for children in difficulty

Foster families offer safety, support and hope to children in difficulty. When children need to be removed from their homes for safety reasons, foster families play a key role in providing them with a sense of comfort and stability. However, more host families are always needed.

Since the state’s Stronger Families Together initiative launched last May (2021), 242 new foster families have been licensed in South Dakota and many more have learned about the process. This is a major victory for foster children in our state. As a foster family, you too can make a difference in children’s lives when they need it most.

Foster care is intended to be temporary. The goal is to safely reunite the children with their biological families. While families resolve issues that make their home unsafe, children are placed with a parent and, if a parent is unavailable, DSS tries to find a foster family in the home community of the child. child.

To learn more about becoming an adoptive or adoptive parent, please call 888.201.5061 or visit and complete the online “Pledge to Learn More” card.

To report child abuse or neglect, please call 1.877.244.0864. Hospitality Specialists are available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you are reporting an emergency outside of normal business hours or on weekends or holidays, please contact local law enforcement.

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