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EU allocates additional € 560 million to support refugee education and fight migration in Turkey

The Commission of the European Union has adopted two funding decisions to support inclusive quality education for refugees in Turkey and to address migration and border protection under the € 3 billion program.

It has been revealed that the first measure, amounting to 530 million euros, will support the education of refugees who are currently in Turkey and help them access higher education. This support will mainly be provided through scholarships offered by the Promotion of the Integration of Syrian Children into the Turkish Education System (PIKTES) program.

The PIKTES project provides for teachers’ salaries, equipment and supplies, transport costs, remedial and support lessons, Turkish language training, school guidance and counseling programs, among others, reports SchengenVisaInfo .com.

In addition, the conditional transfer for education project will also ensure the continuity of the incentive arrangements for the schooling of approximately 695,000 refugee children through cash transfers.

In addition to the two projects mentioned above, the third strand (BEUrs) supports refugees’ access to higher education through scholarships or other support services. Through this program, the project aims to ensure that refugees have the skills they need to gain better employment opportunities.

“This new funding for refugees and host communities in Turkey shows that the European Union continues to deliver on its commitments. This will ensure that hundreds of thousands of refugee children can continue to attend school and receive a quality education, which is essential to ensure future employment prospects and in the perspective of overall socio-economic recovery. “, said Neighborhood and Enlargement Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi.

The second funding decision will provide € 30 million to help tackle migration and border challenges in Turkey. EU assistance aims to improve the management of the reception of refugees while ensuring the safe transfer of irregular immigrants, access to services and accommodation in appropriate conditions.

The action plan also aims to strengthen cooperation with countries of origin and countries of destination as well as to combat the promotion of illegal migration.

“We will also provide funding to the authorities to address migration challenges and strengthen border protection, especially given the evolving situation on Turkey’s eastern border,” Várhelyi added.

Turkey has hosted more than four million refugees, who make up the largest refugee community in the world. Among them, 3.6 million Syrian refugees and another 370,000 are refugees from other countries.

The Council of the EU requested in June 2021 the continuation of EU support to refugees in Turkey for the period 2021-2023, provided that the resources under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey have been fully committed. .

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