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Elden Ring: Item Crafting Guide

To craft items in Elden Ring, Tarnished players will need to acquire the Crafting Kit, a key item sold by Kalé, a merchant in the Church of Elleh.

One of the mechanisms presented in Ring of Elden which was not present in previous versions of FromSoftware is the Crafting system. Crafting allows Tarnished to create a selection of assorted items in Elden Ring, such as arrows, stones, and disposable pots. Through the Midlands, players can harvest a wide variety of materials and resources from flora and fauna. For example, the Holy Water Pot bomb in Ring of Elden can be crafted using Mushroom ×1 and Tarnished Golden Sunflower ×1, two items that can be easily found in the starting area.

However, when Ring of Elden fans begin their adventure, they may notice that the Item Crafting category in their main menu is not accessible. To begin crafting, players will first need to obtain the Crafting Kit, a key item that enables crafting of items from the in-game menu. The Crafting Kit can be purchased from Merchant Kalé, an NPC who sits near the site of grace in the church of Elleh. He will sell the kit for 300 runes.


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Players can complete the tutorial area in the Cave of Knowledge to obtain the runes needed to purchase the crafting kit. The enemies and the mini-boss, including all the resources gathered along the way, should be more than enough to buy the key item in Ring of Elden. However, players may notice that their available recipes are quite limited even though they now have access to crafting items. Consequently, Ring of Elden fans must collect various cookbooks found in the Lands Between to learn the recipes needed to craft new items.

How to Craft Items in Elden Ring

How to Craft Items in Elden Ring

The first three cookbooks can be acquired from Kalé, which sells the recipe books at different prices. The Nomad Warrior’s Cookbook 1 and 2 will cost the player 500 runes, while the Missionary’s cookbook will set the tarnish back by 1,000 runes. These prices are quite steep for newcomers, but players should note that they don’t need to collect all the cookbooks. For example, the Nomad Warrior 1 cookbook will teach Ring of Elden fans how to make bone arrows, fletched bone arrows and bone bolts. Those who play melee or magic class in Ring of Elden will find little or no use for such ammunition. Therefore, players must spend their runes on other valuable items or to level up.

On the other hand, finalists and collectors may still wish to purchase Kalé’s three cookbooks. If so, players are recommended to follow the nearby path towards the west coast. A giant walking on the road can be easily killed for 1000 runes. Repeating this process while resting should earn newcomers several thousand runes within minutes, making cookbook shopping effortless.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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