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Holidays were spent here in the Keys, but conditions remained favorable, especially for December. Low winds and high visibility for a very Merry Christmas, for us!

The PADI Dive Against Debris specialty allows you to understand why marine debris harms the oceans and best practices for removing it. JACK FISHMAN / PADI Aware

Thanks to this exceptional situation, we organized another successful dive against the debris. If you’ve never done one, these are marine debris clean-up dives. In our Dive Against Debris certification dives, we teach our divers how to safely clean up marine debris and why this is important for the conservation of our precious coral reef. Then we take them to a local location where we saw some debris, and they help pick it up using best practices. Each participant receives a PADI Dive Against Debris certification and the peace of mind of having helped clean up the Florida Keys reef with their own hands.

We provide the bags to be collected as part of the Dive Against Debris course and, back at the dock, we sort, measure and weigh everything. Everything that is collected is recorded in the PADI Aware database. This global resource keeps track of marine debris found wherever and is used by scientists to inform ocean policy.

For this reason, these dives are one of the most immersive and rewarding ways to participate in conservation.

Next week’s dive report

Conditions continue to be in our favor throughout next week, with lower winds and warm temperatures. Take advantage and book a trip.

Conservation update

As you may remember, we run our coral restoration dives every Saturday, alternating between Islamorada Dive Center and Key Dives. This is the practical training and plantation dives carried out in partnership with I.CARE.

In addition, every Sunday, Islamorada Dive Center and Florida Keys Dive Center alternately host a marine debris clean-up dive. So every Sunday of the month we can take divers to help clean the reefs. Call us to join the next one!

Conservation advice

If you can’t help dive to clean up the reef, start by preventing trash from falling off your boat or taking sewers and rivers to the sea.

I.CARE advice

Dives Against Debris clears reefs to provide a safe habitat for newly restored baby corals! They work hand in hand with coral restoration dives to regrow our reef!