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Oxnard – Residents of Oxnard Region 1 took neighborhood cleanup to a whole new level on Saturday, March 5, as a large group of people took advantage of the large item drop off event in the parking lot Oxnard PAL on K Street.

JHE The event will continue weekly through March, with residents dropping off unwanted items and also bringing in items they have found discarded on city streets.

Environmental Resources road checker Dons Stevens said the effort was taking place in neighborhoods and the city was dumping the dumpsters.

“They canceled them because of the pandemic,” he said. “We all got together and decided that we were going to do separate places in March.”

Stevens said he saw a patio set being dropped off, which piqued his interest.

“We also saw one of those cutouts for a homecoming, where you had the princess and the football player,” he said. “You can stick your head out and someone can take your picture.”

He hopes this effort will reduce illegal dumping in Oxnard.

“This gives residents the option to drop off their unwanted household items for free instead of driving to the facility,” he said. “The group up front monitors incoming traffic and then we have City Corps inside doing the unloading. We also have members of the street and sewage services who help us.

He said whatever was collected went to the Del Norte facility.

“They have us unload in a separate place and then everything is sorted by wood, metal and plastic,” he said. “Very little goes to landfill.”

Stevens said the city is planning four more bulky item drop-off events in October.

Councilor Bert Perello arrived in work gloves and worked hard.

“I got here at 6:30, and it was slow, but then it picked up,” he said. “I was going to part ways at noon, but I’ve decided what I’m going to spend the day.”

He believes the effort helps the city.

“My neighborhood is in the town of Oxnard, but around my neighborhood there are a lot of landfills; mattresses, trash, stoves, televisions and box springs, everywhere,” he said. “It’s out of this world. They’re thinking of putting cameras in certain areas, and they’re thinking of enforcing the law, but even if they get a really good picture of the guy, even if they get the license plate, it doesn’t stick in court , but they have to do something.

Perello thinks Oxnard is turning a corner and becoming a big city.

“It’s on its way to becoming a first-class city, with no reason to lower its head to any other city in this county,” he said.

Environmental Resources Division customer service representative Gertie Velasco led a group of people to the entrance and told them where to drop off their bulky items.

“I’m really happy to see a lot of residents come in and see them drop off things they no longer need,” she said. We even have a few locals who helped us clean up the town, and they brought stuff they found in the alleyways.

She said someone dropped off a patio set that looked good to her.

“Maybe I need to clean it up and paint it,” she said. “I’ve been with the city for a few years, so I think they wanted experienced people on the front line. If the residents have questions, I can answer them.

She said people mainly bring bulky items from home that they don’t need.

“Team 311 works today, but they don’t work here,” she said. “We used to clean neighborhoods, but because of Covid-19, we did the same thing in different parts of the city. Covid-19 has not gone away yet.

Residents had to show their driver’s license or utility bill to drop off their belongings.

“We had a couple who lived in Oxnard, but they just moved to town,” she said. “If they are coming from Port Hueneme, since they are already there, we let them drop off their things.”

The next bulky item drop-off event will be from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Via Marina Park, 3301 Keel Way.