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DealHub partners with RevOps Co-op to support the RevOps professional community

Collaboration creates value, provides resources and offers expert guidance to RevOps professionals worldwide

AUSTIN, TX, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, the hyper-growth leader in the CPQ space, today announced a partnership with RevOps Co-op, a community dedicated to advancing RevOps professionals by creating a hub discussion, information, best practices, etc.

The DealHub – RevOps Co-op partnership aims to build a community, backed by technology and expertise, and to provide thought leadership and insights into the CPQ & CLM best-practices of Innovative Revenue operations leaders.

“RevOps roles are an integral part of business today,” says Matt Volm, CEO and co-founder of RevOps Co-op. “Our partnership with DealHub will drive engagement within the community and provide high-level expertise from some of today’s top RevOps professionals.”

“At its core, DealHub’s vision is to remove friction from the sales process and create a seamless sales movement,” says Eyal Orgil, CRO and co-founder of DealHub. “In that sense, we are all RevOps professionals at heart, sharing the goal of reducing friction at every touchpoint. We are proud to partner with RevOps Co-op to nurture this growing community and provide information based on our own experiences.”

The new generation of DealHub synergizes the enterprise level CPQ Solutionsubscription management, contract lifecycle management and Digital trading room into a unified, cash quote platform, powered by the most engaging and personalized shopping experience. This consolidated platform enables RevOps professionals to achieve better performance by streamlining sales processes, approval workflows, and overall transaction management.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of fastest growing companies will use the RevOps model. Today’s rapidly changing market requires a shift in focus from sales enablement to revenue enablement, to meet customer expectations, while providing the right tools to support this effort on the seller side. .

About DealHub: is an enterprise-grade CPQ platform that drives sales processes and results more effectively and efficiently. DealHub’s industry-leading innovation increases revenue by shortening sales cycles, streamlining approval processes, and providing visibility and control. Fully integrated with leading CRM systems, DealHub’s unified solution includes Contract lifecycle management, Subscription managementand a unique customer experience.

About the RevOps Cooperative:
With a community of over 4,000 people, RevOps Co-op is dedicated to empowering RevOps professionals with resources to support personal and professional growth. Our partnership model encourages open discussion, the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge, aiming to create a strong community of highly qualified RevOps professionals.