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CoG to train county staff on human resource management

Chairman of the Council of Governors (COG) Anne Waiguru (centre) speaking to the press in Naivasha after their retirement on October 13, 2022. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

The Council of Governors (COG) and the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) have entered into a pact to train county officials.

Under the agreement, the council and IHRM will promote county human resource compliance through registration and acquisition of licenses to practice for qualified officers.

This appeared at the end of IHRM’s 26th annual four-day conference at Lake Naivasha Resort.

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika said decentralized functions such as health, agriculture and education were labor intensive in nature and required proper coordination and relevant resources to ensure proper optimal operation.

In a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Governor David Kones, the Governor said:The Board of Governors entered in a common understanding with IHRM to establish a formal working relationship to promote the practice of human resource management.

Kones said the memorandum of understanding would lead to the development and review of county human resource practices and the creation of human resource-related training programs for county officials.

The deputy governor said the CoG would expedite the agreement so that the institute can fulfill its obligations and facilitate better human resource management and performance in the counties.

“We urge counties to take advantage of this Memorandum of Understanding and the provisions of the Public Procurement and Elimination of Public Procurement Act and avoid extensive procurement processes,” he said.

During the functionKones said the county government is committed to creating a business-friendly environment by removing barriers that impede development and growth.

“With the immense potential of renewables, we have the opportunity to reduce the costs of renewable energy technologies by making them the most viable source of energy,” he said.

IHRM National President Phillip Odera said the industry has seen tremendous growth as it moves towards automation of all departments.

Mr Odera revealed that the institute was now a state-owned company which would see increased government funding to boost service delivery.

“The Institute of Human Resource Management has been dormant for years, but we are working to revive it while planning the 2023-26 strategic plan,” he said.

The Institute’s Executive Director, Quresha Abdullahi, said the Covid-10 pandemic has been a game-changer for HR professionals.

“The pandemic has caused a major disruption in human resources and has forced many people out of their comfort zone and therefore the current gains in the sector,” she said.