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Clark County Organizations Create Recovery Support Network in Response to Opioid Crisis

Responding to the crisis has been a challenge for organizations across the county. However, Clark County Public Health, Columbia River Mental Health Services, Clark County Recovery Café, SWACH, local churches and others have come together to respond to the crisis collaboratively. So far, the approach has shown positive results, with more people seeking and getting treatment every month, according to Fischer.

“As someone new to public health in Clark County, seeing the level of collaboration and action on this issue is just phenomenal,” said Rachel Vinson, the new program manager for Clark County’s Syringe Services Program. Clark County Public Health Risk Reduction.

Make connections

One person linking Southwest Washington organizations responding to the opioid crisis is David Hudson of Clark County Public Health. Hudson manages Public Health’s Healthy Communities team, which compiles data on overdoses and other public health topics.

Hudson has worked to build connections because greater collaboration between organizations means people struggling with addiction will face fewer barriers to accessing recovery services, which will foster trust in the system, Hudson said.

“People struggling with addiction need to feel they can trust the people trying to help them,” Hudson said. “When we build trust, people are more likely to come back, and that’s what we want.”