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Central Coast Community Energy Steps Up Support to Customers, Communities with Increased Funding for Energy Program

Monterey, California. October 5, 2021Central Coast Community Energy today announced the launch of three local energy programs available to its valued Central Coast customers. Program funding dollars will support electrification (by replacing fossil fuel-powered equipment with cleaner electrical equipment) of the three main strategic sectors: transportation, buildings and agriculture. Central Coast Community Energy’s local energy programs are self-funded by agency revenues.

“Central Coast Community Energy is proud to make $ 14 million in incentives and funding available this fiscal year through community and board support,” shares Central Coast Community Energy CEO Tom Habashi . “Our goal continues to be to advance innovative and accessible electrification-focused programs to support our Central Coast communities. By reducing emissions and improving air quality locally through our energy programs and statewide through our path to 100% clean and renewable, the CCCE continues to deliver impactful results . “

Applications are now open for CCCE clients for the following programs:

The Agricultural electrification program electrifies the local agricultural industry and eligible associated businesses by offering incentives for fuel-shift irrigation pumps, tractors and other farm tools and equipment, from fossil fuels to cleaner all-electric alternatives. CCCE’s first two agricultural electrification programs were fully subscribed for a total of $ 560,000 by clients of Central Coast Ag. In response, the CCCE increased funding for agricultural electrification this fiscal year to better meet demand, making $ 600,000 available. The new agricultural program extends qualified clients from those with an agricultural account to all clients whose main activity is agricultural production and / or agricultural processing.

“Programs like the Central Coast Community Energy Farm Electrification Program are incredible opportunities for small businesses like ours to grow in line with our values. Actions Cave Anatum, Watsonville, California

The Electric school bus program supports Central Coast schools / school districts in replacing diesel buses with electric school buses by providing up to $ 200,000 or 50% of total cost. The CCCE incentive can be combined with other available state and federal funding programs administered by local air pollution control districts. It is estimated that each school bus replaced by an all-electric model avoids 15.6 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year, including diesel particulates, nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons. and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) near students.

The third iteration of the New construction electrification program finances new fully electric and affordable housing developments in the CCCE service area. The original all-electric new build program was fully booked and funded at least 830 fully-electric homes to be built in the service area. All-electric construction avoids the need to install natural gas infrastructure, making new construction more profitable to develop and safer and healthier for occupants.

“It was encouraging to have local funding for our all-electric build. Now that we know how easy it is to apply and communicate with the CCCE, we look forward to replicating this relationship on our next apartment building development.
Dana Cleary, Director of Real Estate Development CHISPA

The CCCE Electric Vehicle (EV) rebate program, Electrify Your Ride recently closed on September 30 after processing 340 claims, 38 of which were from income-eligible customers who received double the rebate to $ 4,000 for a new electric vehicle. If customers are not satisfied, the new electric vehicle rebate program is expected to launch in November 2021 and offer transparent coverage; October 2021 new / used purchases / leases by CCCE customers will be eligible. For the first time, the program will also promote electric bikes. The new Electrify Your Ride program will have the largest program budget of all previous CCCE energy programs and will now cover rebates for electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers, and electrification readiness for homes, places of use. work and eligible public places.

About Central Coast Community Energy

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) is a public body that sources competitively priced electricity from clean, renewable energy resources. The CCCE is locally controlled and directed by board members who represent each community served by the agency. Revenues generated by the CCCE remain local and help keep electricity rates affordable for customers, while funding innovative energy programs designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate economic development. CCCE serves 436,000 customers throughout the Central Coast, including residential, commercial and agricultural customers in communities located in Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz counties. Learn more about and on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ 3CEnergy.


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