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Cedillo shares his plans as the new hospital administrator – Picayune Item

Cedillo shares his plans as the new hospital administrator

Posted 5:10 p.m. Saturday, August 13, 2022

Highland Community Hospital’s new administrator, Alania Pendarvis Cedillo, is dedicated to providing a family atmosphere. She also discussed her priorities, the hospital’s growth plans and the local monkeypox response.

“When you walk out and walk out of that hospital and you think ‘where would you go for a hospital?’ we want them to say Highland,” Cedillo said. “It’s something we’re focused on and committed to.”

Alania Cedillo hails from Wiggins and was a Pearl River Community College basketball athlete. She went on to earn an MD in Pharmacy from Ole Miss and later earned an Executive Masters in Public Health.

She became a hospital administrator six years ago at Jefferson David Community Hospital and Marion General Hospital, both under Forrest Health, before being reassigned as an administrator at Highland Community Hospital in June 2022. Cedillo doesn’t is no stranger to working in the healthcare system within Mesquin. She served as Pharmacy Manager and Laboratory Manager for three years when the hospital was located in what is now Crosby Commons.

“I’m a pharmacist by trade, and over the course of my career I kind of went from being a pharmacist, pharmacy manager, to being a manager of other support services,” she said.

Cedillo has worked in healthcare since the age of 16 in an independent small-town community pharmacy, his first job.

“I started as a student, then I became a staff member, then I became a leader, then I became a hospital administrator. I literally went through every level and every layer because I love to learn,” she said.

As the new trustee, Cedillo’s priority is to continue serving this community as the changes and impacts of COVID-19 still linger in the county.

“COVID was difficult for everyone in health care, it was difficult for our communities, it affected all aspects of everyone’s life, things are better now but we had some changes… Changes in suppliers, leadership changes and I know it looks like there’s a lot going on, and there has been, but it’s for the best,” she said.

She also wants to continue to grow the city’s primary care base and expand her specialties, including the recent swing-bed program.

With her love for small-town healthcare, Cedillo believes that’s part of what makes her ideal for the role, along with her extensive knowledge of hospital operations.

“I’m from a small town and I enjoy rural health care, I like being able to know everyone. I like walking around the hospital and being able to find out who the people are,” he said. she declared.

Some of the issues Cedillo wants to solve in Pearl River County include providing additional primary care, preventive care, and mobilizing hospital resources.

“I think we need to give the public as many options as possible and I think we have a big opportunity for further prevention,” Cedillo said.

She also wants to collaborate with other health care entities in Pearl River County and develop additional specialty leadership in the hospital.

“We have a great group of people and it didn’t take me long to figure that out, we just have to figure out how to continue to be what the community needs us to be,” Cedillo said.

When asked how she wanted to approach the recent monkeypox issue, Cedillo said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now more aware of things than before. According to the CDC, Mississippi is currently one of the states with the lowest number of cases, with 8 cases reported this week.

“Because our level of awareness, we were on the lookout early on, we had better oversight… I’ll be honest, not just the community, society or the Highlands, but everyone, we’re going to stand up to anything that is to come. better,” Cedillo said.

She mentioned that the hospital has protocols in place for ER doctors, they know exactly what to look for, as well as regular tracking of statistics from the local health department.

“I think we are very prepared for this,” Cedillo said.