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Botswana and Yale partner to advance sustainable management of natural resources

President Mokgweetsi Masisi of the Republic of Botswana visited Yale on September 22 to meet with Yale President Peter Salovey, sign a partnership agreement to advance sustainable management of natural resources in collaboration with Yale partners and donate a lecture as part of the Yale African Leaders Forum series. The visit is Masisi’s second, after he and First Lady Neo Jane Masisi spent a day on the Yale campus in June 2019 for a series of meetings to begin collaborations with Yale.

The visit began with a meeting with President Salovey, who reiterated his commitment to engage with partners across Africa as part of the Yale Africa Initiative, a university-wide effort announced. when he was inaugurated in 2013. The two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to promote partnerships that translate into collaborative research, training and learning exchanges.

President Masisi’s visit to Yale (pictured left to right: Yale’s Eddie Mandhry, President Peter Salovey, President Masisi and YSE Dean Indy Burke).


Masisi and Salovey were then joined by Dean Indy Burke of the Yale School of the Environment (YSE) for a signing ceremony at the President’s office. The agreement outlines the collaborations planned to implement sustainable and efficient management of land, water and sanitation in urban and rural areas of Botswana.

President Salovey said: “I am delighted that President Masisi is back on campus to formalize this new partnership agreement between the Republic of Botswana and the Yale School of the Environment, which has been at the forefront of the contribution of knowledge and solutions to today’s most pressing global problems. environmental challenges. By strengthening our two-way strategic partnerships, the Yale Africa Initiative places greater emphasis on Africa-related scholarship, teaching and learning. Our collaborations in Botswana are an example of how we are fostering new avenues of research that benefit communities across the United States and across Africa. “

President Masisi and President Salovey sign agreement documents.


President Masisi and President Salovey sign partnership agreement to advance sustainable management of natural resources.


“There is an understanding within many African countries that sustainability is essential to protect the health of people and the natural world,” said Burke. “This partnership with Botswana places YSE not only in a position to help find solutions to these critical environmental issues, but can also provide our students with an invaluable learning experience. (For more information on these collaborations, visit the YSE website.)

Following the signing ceremony, Masisi delivered a lecture as part of the Yale African Leaders Forum series, titled “Botswana’s Vision for a Knowledge Based Economy”. The conference was co-sponsored by the Yale Africa Initiative, the MacMillan Center Council for African Studies and the Hakeem & Myma Belo Osagie Fund for the Promotion of Africa. This was followed by a question and answer session, moderated by Yale Africa and Middle East Director Eddie Mandhry (click on the image below, to see a video recording of the event).

The visit ended with a reception where Masisi met various Yale professors and students. As the collaboration between Yale and Botswana continues to flourish, Mandhry said, “Over the next year, we will be in close consultation with Botswana leaders to explore expanding the scope of our partnerships to include additional disciplines of mutual interest.


To learn more about Yale’s partnerships in Africa, visit Yale and World.


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