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Be careful during the hunting season; Create a community of support


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Be careful during the hunting season

Now is rifle bear season. Rifle deer and bears begin on Saturday. People should be aware of this and if they go to woods or fields they should wear a bright orange vest and hat – for everyone’s safety!

Suzy Fye, State College

Biden busy working for Americans

What has Joe been up to for you lately?

He rolled out an unprecedented vaccine distribution plan that saved countless lives.

It has provided stimulus funds to citizens and businesses to save many from the financial ruin of the pandemic.

He adopted a child tax credit that lifted 50% of extreme poverty.

He passed an infrastructure bill that addresses the inadequacy of our country’s electricity grid, crumbling bridges, railways and roads, guides aid for climate resilience, and finances transport and upgrades. broadband level in underserved rural areas… creating jobs, jobs, jobs.

He is poised to adopt a transformational human infrastructure program that will strengthen social security networks and provide child care and pre-kindergarten services to help the workforce for all Americans.

No president can do it all at once – and we won’t be feeling the effects of these monumental life improvements for a little while. But we can be a little patient, knowing that this landmark legislation will be an economic boost to the COVID-19 recession, creating more than half a million infrastructure jobs in Pennsylvania alone.

Washington has tried unsuccessfully for years to pass a major infrastructure bill. Joe Biden did it!

Apparently Joe has been doing a lot for all of us lately.

Marilyn Goldfarb, Boalsbourg

Create a community of support

Did you see the news last week? “Patton Township man arrested for raping and sexually assaulting 6 women in his home. “

I don’t know about you, but I had a stomach ache and my heart collapsed when I saw the title. These types of crimes can be so difficult to deal with and understand, especially when they occur in our community.

Then I heard something even more confusing in the queue at a convenience store the next day: “Well, they should have done better than reply to a message on these apps and show up at his house. … “

My first response, which I chose not to let go, was, “Wait, what? ! Do you blame the people who were raped for what happened to them? I breathed. But he stayed with me all day.

Ultimately, sexual violence is committed by someone who chooses to hurt someone else. It’s on them. Period. And it is also up to us, as communities, to remember this truth and help create a climate of safety and support for all those who have been affected by damage. We never know who is listening to the messages we send, we never know who might need our support, and we never know if someone we love will ever need these things the most.

Center Safe is a resource in Center County that is free and confidential for anyone who has been affected by sexual violence. 1-877-234-5050. Please share.

Ruth Williamson, State College