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Alabama bill would force drunk drivers to pay child support

A bill newly introduced in the Alabama legislature would require drunk drivers to pay child support if a parent or guardian is killed in a wreck.

House Bill 114, officially known as the DUI and Child Compensation and Recovery Act, is sponsored by Rep. Proncey Robertson, a Republican representing Franklin, Lawrence, Morgan, and Winston counties. It “would require a person convicted of impaired driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to pay child support for a victim of the offense if the offense results in the death of a parent or guardian of the child. .”

Payments would be required until the child turns 19.

The amount of the payment would be determined by existing child support guidelines and based on the financial need and resources of the child, their standard of living, and the financial needs of the surviving parent or guardian, among other factors.

If the convicted person is imprisoned and unable to pay, they would have up to a year after their release to begin payments.

The law is similar to that proposed in Missouri. “Bentley’s Law” is named after a 5-year-old boy whose parents and brother were killed in a drunk driving accident. The child is raised by his grandmother who supports the legislation.