Mini online loans with Creditorapid up to € 600

Additional information about Creditorapid

Additional information about Creditorapid


Creditorapid is a fast online loan entity that belongs to the SOHO Group, a credit organization that operates in several European countries and that also operates in Spain under the Creditomas mini-credit signature that currently offers a promotion of the first free loan. Creditorapid offers short-term financing with small mini-credits of up to 600 euros that are offered easily, without paperwork, without endorsement and without having to justify any type of usual income such as a payroll or a pension.

The process is very simple, you enter the Creditorapid website, fill in the application form with your personal data and, if you are in office hours you will receive a call to confirm the data and to send a copy of your DNI / NIE by email and a bank receipt or the first page of the bank book. If everything is correct, you will receive a confirmation by SMS that you will have to respond by sending the text “DEACUERDO”.

How to request an immediate credit in Creditorapid

How to request an immediate credit in Creditorapid


If you have the documents scanned and ready to send, the process can only last a few minutes. You simply have to enter the web of payday loans to select the amount and the deadline and fill out the online application form. In addition, the next time you make a request for a new quick mini-credit you will no longer have to send the documents and the process will be much faster. The transfer of money is made immediately if your account is in one of the banks with which the entity operates, if not at the most it will take 24 hours.

Although for the first loan you can only request up to € 300 in 30 days, if there are no problems when returning it in the next requests you can get up to 600 euros to return the money up to a maximum of 30 days.

In addition, you have the option of delaying the expiration date if you see that you will not be able to attend your obligation on time. For this, you must contact Creditorapid before the end of the term and reach an agreement to be able to extend the period a maximum of 15 or 30 days, whichever you prefer. In order to do so, you must pay the fees corresponding to the period that expires.

Advantages and conditions of the quick loans of CreditoRapid

Quick loans



With Creditorapid you can get the money without payroll or pension or any other type of habitual income, you only have to be between 21 and 70 years old and legally reside in Spain, possessing a DNI or NIE. In addition, you have a total guarantee of security and confidentiality. Your data will be treated with absolute discretion and you can use the money for whatever you want.

In Creditorapid they do not accept any request from clients with ASNEF, they are partners of EQUIFAX and they will do the checks, so if you are in any list of defaults you can look for other alternatives in our quick mini-checklist since in Creditorapid they will not accept your request in any case.


Rating and opinions of Creditorapid


It is necessary to make clear that the fast mini-loans are a resource with high costs due to its advantages of immediacy and few requirements. The minimum conditions demanded by the companies that offer them make almost any person can use them, but it supposes a high risk of default for the financier, which forces them to have to cover the possible losses with high fees. By this, we mean that Creditorapid rates are not cheap, in line with other similar companies, although we can find better offers.

A favorable point is that at the beginning the deadline for the return of the money is 30 days (with the possibility of requesting extensions) when the competition in most cases is planted in 30 days without the possibility of pro-gas. It will be an interesting option for people who need urgent money for a longer period. New customers can request up to a maximum of € 300, although after the first application you can request up to € 600.

This type of product can not be compared with other loans such as personal loans offered by banks because they are different products designed for different situations. The mini-loans are designed to be used sporadically in situations of the need to face a purchase or an unusual or unforeseen expense of small amount, while personal loans are used to face higher expenses and are usually more planned and planned. Therefore, the use of mini-credits is not recommended as a usual financing method, but only as an emergency resource. Sergio S Should clarify that the first loan is only 300 euros because you think you’re going to get a higher credit and then you take a disappointment, although in most loan companies is so it is worth putting it big to not lose the weather.  I tried to ask for a loan and he only let me ask 200 euros for 15 days. It does not help me at all. A lot to say that € 500 to 30 days, but of that nothing. I do not think that with those conditions they make too many loans.


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